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A Zara dress has gone so viral that in Britain, it is simply referred to as “The Dress.”
The dress is sold for $50 at Zara.
One stylist even created an Instagram account completely dedicated to spotting the dress.

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Zara has quickly risen in the ranks of popular clothing stores among young shoppers for its trendy and fashion-forward designs at an affordable price. And this summer, one design in particular from the chain has gone so viral that in Britain, it is simply being referred to as “the dress.” And it has a whole Instagram devoted to spotting it.

According to The New York Times, the dress — which sells for $50 — is described on Zara’s website as a, “flowing, round neck dress with sleeves falling below the elbow. Featuring a ruffled hem and a buttoned opening in the back.” It is available in size XS through XXL.

One Instagram user was so inspired by the dress’ popularity, in fact, that they started an Instagram account called “Hot 4 The Spot” that is focused on spotting people wearing the dress. The account’s bio reads, “A safe space for *the dress*.”

@testickle’s mum here to steal your style (and probably your boyfriend)

A post shared by Hot 4 The Spot (@hot4thespot) on Jul 8, 2019 at 11:04pm PDT on
Jul 8, 2019 at 11:04pm PDT

According to The New York Times, it is run by stylist Faye Oakenfull, who told the publication, “‘The Dress’ and I originally met on a set back in Easter when both the art director and makeup artist came in wearing it. I posted it on my Instagram story as an ‘awkward fashion moment’ […] It then started to escalate, with many people sending me their own sightings. After a few weeks it seemed to be so popular on my stories that I decided to start a new account to keep on top of the content.”

Though the dress is ubiquitous around the UK, Oakenfull told The Times that she has an idea of the typical person who snaps the dress up.

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This $50 dress is now so common that there is an Instagram account devoted to spotting it — have you bought ‘The Dress’ yet?

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