The AR-15 design is one of the world’s most popular semi-automatic rifle platforms. You can find examples from top gun manufacturers chambered for 5.56-millimeter rounds, 7.62-millimeter rounds, .458 SOCOM and… arrows?

Cold Steel’s AR-15-inspired crossbow, the so-called Cheap Shot 130, can send multiple arrows into a three-inch spread at an impressive 226 feet per second—no stirrup or crank cocking needed.

With a telescoping stock, detachable foregrip, OD green color scheme, and “Picatinny” rail on which sights and other accessories can be mounted, it really does look like an AR-crossbow mashup.

Here’s everything you get out of the box for a very reasonable price of $280:

Six 15” carbon bolts String wax Shoulder sling AR stock with buffer tube Single-position red dot sight ForegripSecondary detachable foregrip Two lens cleaning sheets Allen wrench

Visit Cold Steel’s website for more info on the brand new Cheap Shot 130.

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This AR-15 Inspired Crossbow Fires 226 Feet Per Second

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