This autonomous cargo plane that can replace traditional helicopters is now accepting orders — take a look at the the Nuuva V300

Pipistrel Nuuva V20

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Pipistrel is now accepting orders for its flagship Nuuva V300, an autonomous electric take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft used for cargo delivery.

The Slovenia-based company is an award-winning aircraft and propulsion system producer with a specialization in affordable, small, and efficient aircrafts. Now, it’s applying these same company concepts to the V300 and its smaller iteration, the V20.

According to Pipistrel, helicopters are often employed for cargo delivery around the world. But according to V300’s maker, the traditional helicopter depends too heavily on rotors for lift while cruising in the air, which the company says is inefficient. These aircrafts also utilize many moving parts, which can in turn increase maintenance and ownership costs.

According to Pipistrel, the company has a solution to these issues. Unlike helicopters, the V300 — which has tandem wings and both electric and non-electric engines — is 10 times cheaper to own, in part because of its decreased number of moving parts and, consequently, lower maintenance costs. 

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The aircraft uses a hybrid system for flight.

The flight system can monitor itself in case of any mid-flight issues.

For in-air cruising, the Nuuva V300 utilizes an internal combustion engine. But unlike heilcopters, take-off and landing is achieved by using eight electric engines powered by batteries.

When its time to charge, the batteries can be plugged into Pipistrel’s charging station, which was co-created with Green Motion, a Switzerland-based electric vehicle charging system maker.

The V300 can take-off and land in altitudes up to 8,000 feet high with a climbing rate of 60 feet-per-minute.

The V300 doesn’t require a take-off or landing strip or runway.

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The Nuuva V300 is also customizable per the client’s cargo delivery needs.

For example, the standard V300 can carry 661.39 pounds of cargo for over 186.41 miles at the aforementioned altitude. But for clients who want a longer range, the cargo capacity and anti-ice systems can be decreased in exchange for more fuel, allowing the aircraft to carry 110.23 pounds of cargo for 1,553.43 miles.

And for those who want a higher payload capacity, the aerial cargo delivery vehicle can accomodate up to 1,014.13 pounds in exchange for a shorter range and decreased take-off attitude capability.

The cargo area — which is 106 square feet — can be loaded with a forklift through the nose of the fuselage.

The cargo can then be fastened with nets and straps.

Upon takeoff, the V300 can fly a pre-uploaded path by itself, although a separate human operator can also communicate with the aircraft in case changes to the original plan need to be made.

By using tandem wings — which gives the aircraft a wingspan of 43.33 feet — and a fly-by-wire system, the aircraft is able to stay aerodynamic and stable while maintaining a small landing ellipse.

In total, the V300 is 33.08 feet long and 10 feet tall.

The Nuuva V300 will be available in the latter half of 2023.

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