This Burrow couch is made with full-grain leather that will last for years — here’s what it feels like and why it’s worth $3,800

Burrow Nomad Leather Couch

My husband and I upgraded our old faux leather couch for Burrow’s Nomad Leather King Sectional with a chaise and ottoman, costing around $3,800.
It’s not cheap, but it’s customizable (so yours can definitely be less expensive than our set), ships directly to you within a week, and can be put together yourself to save installation fees.
After using it for about 10 months, I’d recommend it to anyone who has the budget and is looking for a classic and durable leather couch that’ll last years.
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One of the most frustrating things about furniture (aside from said furniture shopping) is the delivery and installation. There are extra charges and 10-hour delivery windows that come and go — it just seems like an old-school way of doing things.

When my husband and I were looking to replace our 5-year-old faux leather couch that was showing signs of wear, we decided to shop online and only at places that offered free delivery and had modular styles that we could put together ourselves. Like Ikea, but more adult.

I’ve known about furniture startup Burrow for a few years but never had a reason to look at it much since we had a couch. Around the same time that we were looking to replace ours, Burrow launched a full-grain leather version of its popular Nomad couch so we decided to test it.

We chose the Nomad Leather King Sectional, a full-grain leather couch that would last years, if not, decades. We added a chaise and ottoman, all in black leather with walnut legs. The total cost was $3,790 — definitely not cheap or affordable by any means, but reasonable given the number of pieces we ordered and durability of full-grain leather.

Since I tested the couch more than 10 months ago, Burrow has added new leather colors, and styles to the armrests, legs, and pillows to the Nomad full-grain leather collection. There’s now a warm tan Camel leather option in addition to Black and Slate, a new block arm style, and round bolster pillows that match the three leather shades. There are also three new leg options (Black, Brass, and Chrome) and lumbar pillows that match the five current fabric colorways.

Ten months in, there’s still not a scratch, tear, or ripped seam to be found. And we’ve had young kids and dogs on it too.

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