This cleverly designed wool sweater has tiny holes in the armpits that help regulate body temperature — plus it can be worn during any season

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply is a performance workwear brand that uses technology developed by MIT and NASA scientists to elevate traditional clothing staples.
The Ministry of Supply Atlas Sweater is one of my favorite styles. It has mesh ventilation zones in high-heat areas (like the armpit) and is made from a machine-washable wool blend.
The Atlas Sweater is just the right thickness to be wearable year-round.
Priced at $135, the Ministry of Supply Atlas Sweater is available in Crewneck and V-Neck styles.

Compared to generations past, the way professionals dress for work today is evolving to be more casual than ever. The days of wearing three-piece suits are long gone, but many people still struggle with finding clothes that are comfortable yet suitable for the office.

One of the most essential business casual styles is the wool sweater, but its benefits of being warm outside can quickly turn into a hot, itchy, and confining nightmare you’ll have to live with inside for the entire workday.

You might think that simply checking the weather and dressing for the season is the smartest way to avoid that conundrum, but it’s not that easy. When it’s cool outside, sweltering on a packed subway train for your commute, and freezing cold in your office, being uncomfortable is hardly avoidable. But the Ministry of Supply Atlas Sweater makes regulating your body temperature a lot simpler.

With the insight of MIT scientists, the performance workwear brand aimed to create a sweater that was suitable for all seasons, not just the cold season.

The Atlas sweater is made using a blend of premium-grade Australian wool (which is naturally warm, breathable, and anti-microbial), polyester for a longer garment lifespan, and Lycra for stretch. These materials, combined with a shape-retaining fit and mesh ventilation in high-heat areas, make the sweater comfortable under almost any condition, including those times you seemingly go through all of four seasons during one work day.

It’s been a year since I received my Atlas sweater, but it quickly became one of my favorite styles from Ministry of Supply. Joining the ranks of Tommy John’s underwear, which I absolutely swear by, and the Adidas Boost sneakers, which are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve worn to date, the Ministry of Supply Atlas Sweater is one of the few pieces of clothing that gives me a true sense of excitement and satisfaction to put on because it’s just that comfortable.

My favorite part about the Ministry of Supply Atlas Sweater is the targeted mesh zones, which are small vents in the armpits where heat often builds up and …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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