ThredUP rewards you for cleaning out your closet while donating to those in need — here’s what it’s like to use


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ThredUP is the most convenient mass upcycling program I’ve found for city dwellers without a car. 

ThredUP’s Clean-Out Closet service lets you order a bag online, fill it up at home, and schedule a pickup or drop it off at a mailing center. They will also potentially pay you for high-end items you send in, and recycle the rest or send it back to you. It’s not the most lucrative upcycling option, but a bit of money is a perk. 
There are also a few other programs that reward you for cleaning out your closet, and a few that make the process as easy as ordering a bag online, filling it up at home, and scheduling a pickup.

Despite having a type-A personality, I wouldn’t call my closet particularly well-organized.

It’s not for lack of trying. For the last year, I’ve spent more time trimming the fat — going through my small New York City closet, packing bags, and schlepping clothes in Ubers and city buses all across the city to sell or donate — than probably any other activity. It’s the right thing to do from a humane and ecological perspective, but it’s not always easy when you live in an urban center with no personal transportation. 

Like most chores that require sweating, rolling suitcases over uneven city concrete, and occasionally pleading with God to speed up time, I started to dread the trek. And that dread led me down the rabbit hole of fantastic services that will essentially do all the legwork for you. For example, Give Back Box will email you a free shipping label to slap on any box you have in the house to send your donations to charities for free. If it looks like you have to pay for a label, just search “Give Back Box print free shipping label” on Google or simply click here. The Salvation Army will also come pick up donation boxes if you sign up for a slot online, but be prepared to wait weeks because this option is popular. A handful of companies will actually reward you for getting rid of stuff you no longer use.

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But my favorite may be thredUP’s donation program for its ease and benefits. You can order a clean-out kit online to be delivered to your home, fill it up with goods you want to recycle (or sell), and leave your bag for your mail carrier, schedule a USPS pickup, or drop it off at any FedEx Office or USPS location.

There are two types of thredUP clean-out kits, both of which are free. 

The Standard Clean-Out Kit means you earn cash or credit for accepted women’s and kids’ items in the bag. Any unaccepted items (the things thredUP wouldn’t be able to sell on-site) are shipped back to you (for $10.99) or responsibly recycled, according to the company.

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