TikTok is transforming what it means to be a celebrity lookalike. Meet the video makers, including ‘Cumbermatch,’ turning their resemblances into a creative outlet.

Cumbermatch - Benedict Cumberbatch lookalike

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Peter Clarke, a 42-year-old business analyst, was dogged for years by people telling him he looked like A-list actor Benedict Cumberbatch. He never really got it. But his Financial Times colleagues, who also came up with the catchy name “Cumbermatch” for his Instagram profile, encouraged him to post a picture of himself dressed as Cumberbatch’s Marvel character Doctor Strange.

People around the world lapped up the resemblance. “People on there said I could give TikTok a go,” he says. That site — a kinetic, short-video app — was where his popularity ballooned.

TikTok, whose US future hangs in the balance, is home to many lookalikes who built big audiences, thanks to their similarities with celebrities who have no presence on the platform. Compared to the lives of offline lookalikes — who you might see at drab birthday parties or corporate events, posing for pictures as if they were little more than Madame Tussaud’s waxwork figures — fame on TikTok carries more respect. And it affords lookalikes a creative outlet that lets them use their physical resemblance to a celebrity as a way to create their own livelihood.

Clarke joined people like Itzhak Hershkovich, a former community college computer operator who, as NYTonyStark, manages to make a living out of his eerie resemblance to Robert Downey Jr, and Priscila Beatrice, a 28-year-old from Brazil who looks uncannily like Rihanna.


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Beatrice started on TikTok in March. “I got to know the app through my sister who had been using it for a long time,” she says. “I found it fun and decided to play too.”

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At first, she was just herself. But after a few posts, people began noting the resemblance in the comments on her videos. This was not news to her. Friends had been comparing the two since 2007, and in 2014 Beatrice started a career as a cover artist and the singer’s “official double in Brazil.”

She loves the combination of online fame and offline adoration. “On TikTok I play with the image,” she says. “My followers love it when I do it. In real life, it’s amazing, because I can see in the eyes of Rihanna fans all the love they feel — it’s surreal.”

On TikTok, she leaned into that, adopting more of the personality of the Barbadian singer. “I gained a lot of followers because of the similarity,” she says. Now she has more than half a million followers on TikTok.

Clarke has even more: 1.4 million at the time of writing, who watch him clown around in the guise of Cumberbatch’s most famous characters. He’s narrowed down what works in his year on the app. Initially, he lipsynced to some of the star’s …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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