Tobago a warm and friendly solo travel destination

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When traveling to Tobago, you’ll find that the Caribbean ocean and the balmy tropical temperatures aren’t the only warm things on the island. The people are, too.

Solo travel can be a tricky thing to plan, but Tobago offers a small enough place to get around easily, with enough attractions to ensure you will have enough to do by yourself.

Crown Point is the village closest to the airport, where travelers will find hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts or apartment rentals to suit whatever travel style you’re looking for. The village also has convenience stores within walking distance for travelers who choose to stay somewhere with a kitchen, while those looking to get in touch with local cuisine and culture can enjoy the various bars and restaurants around town.

For visitors looking for wellness and seclusion opportunities, to get in touch with themselves or the world around them, the Kariwak Village hotel is a great choice. It offers daily yoga sessions and lush gardens.

A true cultural experience is Shepherd’s Inn, an intimate hideaway that offers a restaurant specializing in Tobagonian cuisine.

Solo travelers are welcome to join a tour group or hire their own private guide to help them explore the island. Besides the beaches, travelers can enjoy guided mountain bikes, rain forest tours, and participating in the water sports community at Pigeon Point Heritage Park; all of these activities ensure a solo traveler will have plenty to see and do while visiting Tobago.

Scarborough is an interesting place where solo travelers can enjoy the early morning market and find some of the freshest locally grown produce while learning about some of their medicinal properties.

The village of Castara is also a welcoming community for solo travelers: It hosts twice weekly community nights, including a beach bonfire and a drumming night that’s sure to become the highlight of any solo trip.

Curious to learn more about solo travel to Tobago? Visit Tobago’s tourism website for more information.


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