Top Workplaces 2024: CirrusMD provides virtual care to make life easier for patients

CirrusMD helps solve three of health care’s most pervasive problems — lack of access, relevant information and care continuity. The company lets patients connect with a doctor from any web-enabled device.

“At CirrusMD, patients are met by a doctor in less than 60 seconds, 24/7/365,” said Jamie Hall, president and CEO. “Care is delivered via secure chat by board-certified doctors who cover a wide range of care needs.”

This is the third year CirrusMD has been named one of the Denver Post’s Top Workplaces. Last year, the company ranked 14th for best small business.

The past few years have challenged healthcare as consumers seek more convenience.

“We’ve seen the tele-health space evolve from traditional types of care (acute or urgent care) to much broader care offerings virtually, like chronic condition management, women’s health and behavioral health. We’ve seen technology take giant leaps forward, enabling new tools that let physicians work more efficiently and with better resources,” Hall said.

“CirrusMD is right in the sweet spot of these trends. We launched a new model of care called Physician-first Care & Guidance, that lets our doctors deliver care that’s instantly accessible, always informed, and directly connected to the patient’s longitudinal health record.”

Working remotely allows CirrusMD’s employees to be productive while avoiding commuting’s lost time and stress.

“Most of our employees start their day right after a quick dog walk,” Hall said.

“We stay well-connected through frequent virtual company and team meetings, so communication channels are wide open. And we’re building a great culture, one that supports our employees and their goals and our business growth as we keep rolling out this world-class care delivery model.”

Looking forward, CirrusMD wants to continue to develop product enhancements that make healthcare easier for patients to access and doctors to deliver.

“As a health care company, we’re very focused on how better care can improve the lives of American workers and their families,” Hall said.

The company also is working to create a complete and fully portable patient health record.

“For anyone who’s ever changed physicians, changed insurance companies, or changed health systems, you know what it’s like to try to recreate your previous health history,” he said.

“As we continue working on a more integrated care model with increased data sharing, in the future, I can see a portable health record that goes with an individual wherever they go. It doesn’t belong to their insurance provider or employer — it’s theirs, and it’s the foundation for people to enjoy a more connected, holistic care journey.”

Being located in Colorado provides CirrusMD with “a wealth of amazing employees who bring talent, passion, energy and innovative ideas to our business,” Hall said.

No. 2


Years ranked: 3
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Denver
Employees: 70
Facts: CirrusMD’s integrated care is delivered by multi-specialty, board-certified doctors who can treat various conditions, from acute to chronic, and from primary care to specialty areas, including behavioral health. The service is available to nearly 10 million users across all 50 states through employers and health plans.

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