Top Workplaces 2024: Tech company Ibotta helps millions of shoppers, provides quality workplace

Since launching in 2012, Ibotta has awarded more than 200 million shoppers $1.8 billion in cash rewards.

The Denver-based company offers rewards through its app and the Ibotta Performance Network, which allows businesses to offer promotions through a plug-and-play solution.

“Today, millions of consumers redeem our offers on Walmart, Dollar General, Kroger, Shell, and other retailer properties without ever creating an Ibotta account or downloading our app,” said Julianna Vorhaus, Ibotta brand marketing director.

On April 18, the company raised $328 million for its investors and $198 million for itself in an initial public offering that outstripped expectations.

It’s an exciting time for the company.

“When you think of Denver’s growing technology scene, you think of Ibotta,” Vorhaus said.

“We look forward to continuing to serve as the city’s bellwether, inspiring companies’ future investment plans in the market and influencing top tech talent’s desire to call Colorado home. We’re also really looking forward to our continued partnership with the Denver Nuggets and expanding our footprint in this amazing community.”

This is the sixth year Ibotta has been named one of the Denver Post’s Top Workplaces. Built In Colorado and Inc. have also recognized Ibotta as a great workplace.

Ibotta knows competitive pay and benefits are vital to attracting and keeping employees. Providing opportunities to learn and grow sets Ibotta apart and makes it a great workplace.

“We strive to make Ibotta the place where you purposefully develop, whether you start as an associate out of college or come on board at a more senior level,” Vorhaus said.

“Employees at all levels of the company have unique access to senior leaders, ensuring strategic alignment on priorities and continual mentorship opportunities. We know this sets us apart from other employers because we have so many boomerangs — employees who left for other opportunities and have returned to work for us in the last few years.”

Ibotta believes that the future of work will focus on flexibility.

“We think that innovation and tools to make hybrid work easier will be a continued trend and something we are specifically focused on,” Vorhaus said.

“We also know that employees expect continuous growth opportunities and want to feel like they’re a part of the company’s strategic future, core tenets that set Ibotta apart from the average company.”

Ibotta, the official jersey patch sponsor of the Denver Nuggets, is committed to the city.

“We are consistently inspired by the backdrop that Colorado provides and the accessibility to the outdoors and the mountains,” Vorhaus said.

“Denver continues to be a growing market for technology companies thanks to the availability of attractive top talent, lower cost of living relative to coastal hubs, and high quality of life. Colorado continues to rank high for venture capital investment, and that creates a thriving ecosystem for our industry.”

No. 3

Ibotta, Inc.

Years ranked: 6
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Denver
Employees: 900
Facts: Ibotta provides a free app that offers cash-back rewards at over 2,000 retailers, including grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, and restaurants.

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