Sega and Creative Assembly have produced the most ambitious Total War game to date, offering a mountain of content for ancient Chinese history buffs.

The Total War games have been around for nearly two decades, arriving under various publishers and spanning both historical and fantastical premises. The latest entry in the series puts the focus on the period in Chinese history when the Han Dynasty began to crumble and the country was thrown into a sixty-year period of bloody battles. Striking a balance between tactical battles and an empire building campaign, Total War: Three Kingdoms offers an exhaustive amount of things to do that will likely delight series fans and Chinese history buffs.

A land of warlords

Total War: Three Kingdoms offers up a variety of ways to play the game, including straight skirmish battles across single player and multiplayer modes, but the real attraction is found in the campaign mode. Players will be asked to choose one of the available factions and begin a quest to bring all of China under their rule. Accomplishing such a task is easier said than done, as the process will require hours of battle, diplomacy, and settlement building.

At the top of these factions lies a warlord. The game eventually offers the use of up to twelve warlords in total. Each warlord offers a unique playstyle, as well as passive buffs or liabilities when it comes to dealing with other factions. The warlords each have their own starting position in the campaign mode, with some offering a much stiffer challenge than others. Depending on which warlord you take, you may gain benefits to troop morale, find recruitment of new retinues to be easier, increased income from tributaries, and more.

Territories at war

Each territory under the player’s control and within these areas are towns, settlements, farms, or other points of interest, including natural resources. Players can direct their warlords to advance on new towns or spots on the map. When this happens, a prompt for battle appears, offering the chance to go into battle for control of the given area. Players may also opt to delegate the responsibility for the encounter, which can save time for towns that are not well-defended or reinforced with enemy strength. Most of the time, going directly into the conflicts is the way to go.

Once you elect to enter battle, the warlord brings along his following units. In Total War: Three Kingdoms, units are large groupings of a certain type of troop, like swordsmen, archers, or mounted calvary. Each warlord may bring along some of the universal unit types and also have access to specialized units. As warlords grow in rank, these specialized units become available for recruitment and each faction has unique units available, should the requirements for rank and skill tree unlocks be satisfied.

Prior to battle, the units can be selected and moved across a designated area so that players can attempt to put themselves in a better tactical position. Once the fight begins, players will direct their units to move …read more

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Total War: Three Kingdoms review: The fight to unite China

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