Trump blames AI for strange red marks on his hand

Former President Donald Trump mentioned artificial intelligence when asked about red marks seen on his hand in mid-January (Pictures: Getty Images/AP)

Ex-President Donald Trump has offered up a strange explanation for the mysterious red marks that appeared on his hand – artificial intelligence.

The former president was asked by a reporter to comment on several red marks that were seen on his right hand in mid-January when he departed Trump Tower to face a rape accuser E Jean Carroll in a defamation trial.

‘Your hand, it looks better now,’ Fox News reporter Mark Meredith was heard telling Trump on Wednesday at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters headquarters in Washington, DC.

Trump replied, ‘My hand?’ and added, ‘What was wrong?’

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Meredith asked if Trump had seen photos of himself walking out of Trump Toweron January 17 when he waved his right hand at cameras and revealed red marks on his thumb, upper palm and index finger.

‘No. no,’ Trump said. ‘What was wrong with them?’

The ex-president lifted one hand and then the other, then both. Both hands appeared normal.

‘You don’t want to tell us what happened with the hand?’ Meredith said.

Former President Donald Trump spoke after meeting with members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at their headquarters on Wednesday (Picture: AP)

‘Nothing,’ said Trump, looking at his hands. ‘Maybe it’s AI.’

His remark drew laughter from those in the room.

It is the first time that Trump has addressed the marks that ignited speculation and theories online, from ‘hand herpes’ to ketchup from fast food to injury from a fall and beyond.

The speculation even reached talk shows including The Tonight Show, in which comedian Jimmy Fallon joked that Trump was finger painting the face on his new attorney, Wilson the Volleyball from the movie Cast Away. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Kimmel said that many people mentioned that such red marks were a common syphilis symptom.

Former President Donald Trump revealed red marks on his right hand as he left Trump Tower for Manhattan federal court for the second defamation trial against him on January 17 (Picture: Getty Images)

Two days after the viral hand photo emerged, sources close to the Trump campaign reportedly attributed the red marks to a paper cut.

‘We’re told the only thing that was afflicting Trump that day was a simple paper cut, and he accidentally spread the blood around his hand,’ TMZ reported.

‘Yep, that’s what the Trump camp is saying here … just a little nick.’

Former President Donald Trump holds up his hands after being asked about them by reporters at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters headquarters in Washington, DC (Picture: Getty Images)

Since then, the Trump campaign has gone on the record dismissing speculation surrounding the red marks.

‘The media hysteria and ridiculous commentary from reporters and journalists,’ Trump campaign spokesperson Steve Cheung told The Hill, ‘Just proves how unserious some news outlets have become.’

Trump addressed the red marks after being ordered last week to pay $83.3million in damages to Carroll for labeling her a liar when she accused him of raping her.

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