Trump once put his name on everything from deodorant to water bottles — here’s where those products are now


Trump Vodka

Before his campaign and election, President Donald Trump made his fortune, in part, by licensing his name.
Trump has had his name put on everything from steak to deodorant.
Of the 19 companies Trump listed in 2015 as paying him to produce or distribute Trump-branded products, only two remain in such agreements, according to the Washington Post.

Before running for office, President Donald Trump made his fortune, in part, by selling his name to companies that made all kinds of products.

From deodorant to bottled water and, at one point, a personalized vitamin kit that was determined by urine test, Trump has put his name on almost anything shoppers would buy. He also had a menswear line from Phillips-Van Heusen that was sold at Macy’s, as well as a collection of Trump-branded home decor.

Many of Trump’s business ventures were unsuccessful, with products like Trump: The Game and Trump Ice bottled water now only selling on sites like eBay and Amazon — sometimes for hundreds of dollars. In addition to the products that didn’t quite take off, many companies have ended partnerships with Trump either because they disagree with his rhetoric or because they report having seen a sharp decrease in sales since Trump took office.

According to the Washington Post, of the 19 companies that were paying Trump to produce or distribute merchandise with his name at the start of his presidential campaign, only two remain in such agreements: a Panamanian company called HomeStudio, and a Turkish company called Dorya. They both sell Trump-branded home decor.

See what happened to other Trump-branded products:

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Trump Steaks, launched for Sharper Image in 2007, ranged from $199 for a pack of 12 steak burgers and four steaks to $999 for a selection of 16 top cuts. The steaks only lasted about two months at Sharper Image but are still served at Trump hotels.

Source: Business Wire, Think Progress

Trump Vodka launched around 2006, but Trump’s financial disclosures don’t list it after 2015. It’s still available on eBay.

Source: Washington Post

Trump: The Game, a Monopoly-style board game that was first released in 1989, was discontinued after selling only about 800,000 copies. Hasbro re-released the game in 2004 after the success of “The Apprentice,” and it’s now available on sites like Amazon and eBay, where it sometimes sells for nearly $100.

Source: Rolling Stone

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