Tucker Carlson Challenged by Russian Chess Champion Garry Kasparov

Former Fox News star Tucker Carlson has been criticized by many American politicians and commentators for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow — and giving him a platform for his Russian empire monologue. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Carlson “a useful idiot” and accused him of parroting “Putin’s pack of lies about Ukraine.”

Russian-born former world chess champion, author and activist Garry Kasparov, who fled in 2013, also shared his opinion of the interview. Kasparov wrote on X: “As a Russian who resisted KGB dictatorship and war, I’m obliged to challenge Tucker Carlson after his interview with Putin. Tucker, you appeared unable or unwilling to expose Putin’s lies. If you are interested in the truth, I will give you and your viewers the chance to hear it.”

[Note: Kasparov is currently Chair of the Human Rights Foundation and Co-Founder of the Russian Action Committee.]

This would be very interesting and helpful to a better understanding of the issues. @TuckerCarlson, you should do it. https://t.co/n6QyRHWVfY

— Bill Ackman (@BillAckman) February 12, 2024

Kasparov’s challenge was encouraged by billionaire investor Bill Ackman, who replied: “This would be very interesting and helpful to a better understanding of the issues.” He added, “Tucker Carlson, you should do it.”

Kasparov, who has been a harsh critic of both Republican and Democratic administrations in the White House — those that have “failed to stand up to” Putin — recently co-wrote an article for Foreign Affairs titled Don’t Fear Putin’s Demise: Victory for Ukraine, Democracy for Russia.

The article asserts “Putin’s effort to restore Russia’s lost empire is destined to fail” and that Biden can “hasten the demise of Putin’s regime, opening up the possibility of a democratic future for Russia and demonstrating to the world the folly of military aggression. The United States cannot let its fears stand in the way of Ukraine’s hopes.”

The last Western journalist to interview Putin was Megyn Kelly, who also interviewed Kasparov — the segment is shown below — afterward as the chess grandmaster explained Putin’s motivations and predicted his next moves.

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