TurnKey Vacation Rental listings are typically more expensive than Airbnb and Vrbo, but every property is vetted to ensure a hotel-like experience — here’s how it works and what to expect


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Travelers are increasingly choosing home-sharing platforms to book vacation rentals given their relative safety over hotels and minimized contact with others.
Compared to Vrbo or Airbnb, TurnKey Vacation Rentals stands out for its large, well-appointed homes with thousands of listings in top US destinations.
Here’s everything you need to know about how TurnKey works, what makes it different from other platforms, how to book, cancellation policies, and more.
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Many Americans have returned to travel in some measure as the pandemic continues, though the methods they’re selecting may be different than in the past.

Home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb have reported an uptick in booking private vacation home rentals when compared to this time last year.

The trend is largely due to the fact that private homes can be safer than hotels given the absence of encounters with other people, which eliminates the virus’s primary mode of transmission. Indeed, infectious disease experts agree it’s the safer choice. 

And the options to consider are plentiful. Airbnb, Vrbo (which now includes HomeAway), and Marriott Homes & Villas are just a few of the popular outfits to book vacation homes. It’s important to identify the platform right for your individual preferences and concerns before booking.

For those seeking a higher-end stay — and are prepared to splurge on it in some cases — that platform might be TurnKey Vacation Rentals.

TurnKey lists thousands of homes in popular US travel destinations and — unlike many other platforms — vets each of these properties to ensure a hotel-like experience and standard.

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Here’s what you need to know about TurnKey, why it might be right for your next trip, and how to go about booking.

What is TurnKey Vacation Rentals?

Founded in 2012 and based in Austin, Texas, TurnKey Vacation Rentals is a full-service vacation rental property management company for premium and luxury-level rental homes in top travel destinations across the country.

The idea is to offer more of a hotel-like experience for guests, as well as full-service management, and a marketing platform for hosts.

Unlike Airbnb or Vrbo, TurnKey offers only pre-vetted listings. It also handles management details centrally, using a standardized set of tech tools. That means users can expect a higher baseline for customer service, cleanliness, and quality than from other sites that lack this pre-approval process.

“We manage premium and luxury vacation rental properties in top destinations across the US and inspect them and manage them ourselves to make sure they meet our high standards for cleanliness, comfort, and service,” says TJ Clark, TurnKey president and co-founder, explaining the vetting process. “When evaluating a property for our program, we consider the …read more

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