UK weather: Exact date & locations of 31C sunshine revealed by Met Office as heat health alert comes into force TODAY

BRITS can expect to see 31C weather this week, as a Met Office health alert comes into force today.

The mercury is set to rise steadily in the upcoming days, with figures potentially reaching up to 32C in parts by Thursday.

PAPeople basking in the sunny weather on Bournemouth Beach in Dorset on Sunday[/caption]

LNPBrits enjoy the sunshine in a rowing boat underneath the Knaresborough Viaduct on river Kidd in Knaresborough[/caption]

Temperatures are expected to hover around 30C on Thursday but could reach up to 32C

A yellow heat health alert has been issued by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and Met Office for most of England.

Forecasters have warned of a likely “increase in mortality across the population” from today until Thursday.

The heat alerts will be in force for every region of England except the north east, which is covered by a green alert.

OAPs and people with health conditions are most at risk, but young people could also suffer in the heat.

Met Office expert Dan Rudman said:”Fine conditions will return today for the beginning of next week. 

“For much of the UK this will be accompanied by a boost in temperatures with many places reaching the mid-20°Cs. 

“Some central and southern areas are likely to see temperatures approaching the values needed for heatwave conditions.

“Heatwave conditions need to remain in situ for three consecutive days.

“By the beginning to middle of next week it is possible that some parts of the UK could be reaching heatwave thresholds.

“Whether or not everyone experiences heatwave thresholds, most of the UK will experience the highest temperatures so far this year.”

Today Brits can expect mostly dry conditions with plenty of sunny spells.

Figures are predicted to reach highs of 28C in the south east, while much of the UK with hover at around 24C.

There will also be a contrast to the cooler nights felt by many in the lead up to this week, as temperatures remain at 16C across many parts.

On Tuesday, patches of rain and cloud are expected to move over western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Some showers will be seen across northern England which could turn thundery, however 28C temperatures continue in the south, with much of the Midlands and north east experiencing highs of 26C.

By Wednesday, the mercury is rising yet again, with parts of the Midlands, south east and East Anglia peaking at 30C.

But, this could see some thunderstorms for Wales and the south west.

Meanwhile northern England and Scotland can expect a cooler and fresher feel with maximum temperatures of 21C.

Met Office’s top hot weather tips

THE top ways to stay safe when the heat arrives, according to the Met Office.

Look out for those who may struggle to keep themselves cool and hydrated such as the elderly with underlying conditions or live alone.
If you live alone, ask a relative or friend to phone to check that you are not having difficulties during periods of extreme heat.
Stay cool indoors – Close curtains on rooms that face the sun to keep indoor spaces cooler and remember it may be cooler outdoors than indoors.
If going outdoors, use cool spaces considerately. 
Drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol. 
Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals.
Try to keep out of the sun between 11am to 3pm, when the UV rays are strongest.
Walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat, if you have to go out in the heat.
Avoid physical exertion in the hottest parts of the day.
Make sure you take water with you, if you are travelling.
Check the latest weather forecast and temperature warnings – you can find these on TV, radio, mobile app or website.
During warm weather going for a swim can provide much welcomed relief. If you are going into open water to cool down, take care and follow local safety advice.

However, on Thursday Brits in the south east of England could experience 32C heat.

Met Meteorologist Aidan McGivern said in the morning forecast: “On Thursday there’s some question marks about how hot it will get in the east of England.

“Anywhere between 28C and 32C depending on how quickly cooler air returns towards the west, associated with a front that brings some spells of showers.

“And it will certainly cool down towards the north west as the breeze picks up and frequent showers arrive.”

But, there will likely be outbreaks of rain forecast across the country and possibly some thundery conditions for some.


RNLI water safety boss Samantha Hughes said: “The forecasted warm weather will mean we’ll see more visitors at the coast.”

Samantha added: “We at the RNLI always want people to enjoy themselves safely.

“Entering the water during warm weather can increase the risk of cold water shock due to the sudden changes in skin temperatures.

“Enter the water gradually and avoid jumping or diving straight in to reduce your risk of cold-water shock.

“If you’re planning on heading to the beach, we highly recommend you visit one that is lifeguarded.

“Swim between the red and yellow flags – this is the safest area and is most closely monitored by lifeguards.

“If you get into trouble in the water, Float to Live. Tilt your head back with ears submerged and try to relax and control your breathing.

“Use your hands to help you stay afloat and then call for help or swim to safety if you can.

“In an emergency at the coast, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard or ask for the fire service if you are near inland waters.”

Met Office weather forecast


Areas of low cloud, mist and fog will lift to leave a largely dry and settled day with bright or sunny spells. Feeling very warm, locally hot in light winds. However, the far northwest will be cloudier with patchy rain.


Remaining largely dry this evening with late sunshine, then clear spells, areas of low cloud and mist overnight. Cloud thickening in the far west and northwest though giving patchy rain.


Scotland and Northern Ireland will see some showery rain on Tuesday. Elsewhere most places will stay fine with light winds and further very warm or hot spells of sunshine.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday

Cloudy and cool in the northeast on Wednesday. Warm, or hot sunshine elsewhere. Showers possible in the southwest. Rain likely moving east on Thursday. Turning brighter, showery, fresher for Friday.

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