Unicorn tech salaries revealed: From $81,000 to $322,000 here’s what engineers, data scientists and others are paid at 12 of the biggest startups

Brian Chesky, CEO and Co-founder of Airbnb, listens to a question as he speaks to the Economic Club of New York at a luncheon at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S. March 13, 2017.

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Business Insider analyzed salary information for hundreds of positions at 12 unicorn startups, aka private companies that are valued at more than $1 billion. 
Companies are required to disclose information about jobs they fill through the H-1B visa program, including how much they pay. That information is published each year by the The Office of Foreign Labor Certification.
This information concerned salaries paid for over 470 jobs at companies like Airbnb, Snowflake, Palantir, Robinhood and others.
The result of Business Insider’s analysis is a rare look at how much unicorns are willing to pay for popular positions like software engineers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence workers.

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With the pandemic still roaring, economic times are tough for a lot of businesses. But many of the most highly valued startups seem to be doing just fine. In fact, a growing list of unicorns, aka startups valued at over $1 billion, are planning on going public soon despite the larger economy’s turbulence including DoorDash, Palantir, Airbnb, Snowflake and Unity Technologies.

So, if you wanted a tech job at one of these rising stars, what kind of salary could you expect to command?

To answer that question, Business Insider obtained and analyzed the 2020 H1-B visa salary data for over 470 positions filled by 12 unicorns: Airbnb, Asana, Doordash, Epic Games, Instacart, Magic Leap, Palantir, Robinhood, Snowflake, Stripe, UiPath and Unity Technologies.

Companies are required to disclose details to the federal government about the salaries they paid for the jobs they fill through the H-1B visa program, an important part of how Silicon Valley recruits talent from around the globe. The Office of Foreign Labor Certification publishes that information every year.

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While the information that can be gleaned from this data is limited, it still gives a rare look into how much some of Silicon Valley’s buzziest startups actually pay for various tech roles, no matter the location of the new hire.

“The immigration status of a candidate has zero impact on what we pay them,” a UiPath spokeswoman told Business Insider. “We do not pay differently nor differentiate in any way a H-1B candidate versus other employees. All employees are paid to market and against internal benchmarks for their salary.”

 In some cases, the data provided only a single salary and in others, it included a range of salaries. We included the range whenever we had it. Please note that the information presented here is for annual salaries only and does not include other forms of compensation like stock or bonuses. 

Check out how much 12 of the buzziest unicorns are willing to pay tech employees below.

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Software engineers were paid as much as $322,000

By far the most common job that tech unicorns filled via overseas hires was for a “software engineer.”

Out of the 472 roles these 12 unicorns filled with overseas applicants, …read more

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