Ventra app back up and running for Metra, but the real test comes during Monday commute

Metra’s Ventra app was back up and running Sunday morning after crashing on Thursday.

Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times (file)

After crashing last week, the Ventra app is back up and running as of Sunday morning for Metra riders.

The app, which Metra, CTA and Pace riders use to purchase and manage tickets and track trains and buses, went down on Thursday and continued to experience glitches Friday.

Thursday was the first day of Metra’s new fare structure and the elimination of its remaining ticket windows at train stations.

Part of the issue was likely due to the spike in app users Thursday, said Meg Reile, a spokesperson for Metra.

CTA and Pace users were also having issues with the app, according to a Ventra social media post on Friday.

Though the app was working as of Sunday, the real test comes Monday during the morning commute, Reile said.

If riders are concerned about the app not working, Reile recommended purchasing their tickets in advance on the app and storing them on their phone.

The commuter rail agency announced in January that it would overhaul fares and close the rest of its ticket windows Feb. 1.

The new fee structure is meant to simplify pricing and attract new riders. Among the changes, Metra replaced the 10-ride ticket with a day pass five-pack available only on the Ventra app.

Prices are now based on zones traveled. A monthly pass costs $75 from Zone 2 to Zone 1; $110 from Zone 3 to Zone 1; and $135 from Zone 4 to Zone 1.

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