Voters need answers to the real  problems facing this country, and they need them now

Answer time

VOTERS need answers to the real  problems facing this country, and  now.

That’s why Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer must address the big issues when they face Sun readers in tonight’s Never Mind The Ballots election debate.

ReutersPM Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer will feature on tonight’s Never Mind The Ballots election debate[/caption]

AFPRishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will face questions on key issues from Sun readers[/caption]

Too much of this campaign has been spent on sideshow rows but over the past 48 hours, we have seen some  significant blows traded. The intervention of JK Rowling over Labour’s  confused record on trans rights will give many voters pause for thought.

Brexit, too, has finally been discussed — as the Tories shine a light on what freedoms the Remainers who dominate the Labour frontbench might be prepared to give away to Brussels in order to get a closer relationship with the EU.

But we’ve still had too few answers on immigration, on failing public services, on defence and on energy.

More than 50,000 migrants have arrived in small boats since Mr Sunak became PM — a failure on his part — but Sir Keir’s plans risk  many more arrivals in future, and he has fought tooth and nail to thwart any  solution so far.

Labour won’t match Rishi’s pledge to spend 2.5 per cent of GDP on defence — but it is under the Tories  the UK has its smallest standing army for 300 years.

And on energy, as Ross Clark explains today on Pages 26 & 27, no party’s  figures add up.

Labour’s Ed Miliband says he wouldn’t make people rip out their old boilers in his headlong dash to end fossil fuel use.

Good. But how does Sir Keir propose decarbonising the National Grid by 2030 without sending everyone’s energy bills through the roof and plunging the country into blackouts?

The Sun has spelled out the issues. The ball is in the politicians’ court.

Oil money

FRESH from defacing ancient Stonehenge, the morons at Just Stop Oil have been  asking supporters for funds to pay for a summer of attacks on Britain’s airports.

Yep. Not content with bringing roads to a standstill, they now want to screw up your holiday.

How the cranks will access the online funds or get to the airports without using electricity or motorised transport will clearly be a dilemma.

But, if there is any justice, massive fines will quickly reduce their money to net zero.

Pumped up

ENGLAND fans are praying for a big  turnaround for the match against  Slovenia tomorrow night.

A better performance from the team? Sure. But, just as importantly, they need the beer pumps of Cologne to have been fully restocked after the Tartan Army sank a million pints there in three days.

Let’s hope there is enough beer for Three Lions supporters . . . and plenty for them to celebrate too.

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