Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central show, Chappelle’s Show, may not have been around long but it certainly made its mark landing on Entertainment Weekly’s New TV Classics list and being hailed on TV Guide’s Top 100 Shows ranking. An American sketch comedy show created by Chappelle and Neal Brennan, the show tackled sexuality, drug use, prostitution, gun violence, the entertainment industry and more, and was notorious for its antagonistic approach and wildly inappropriate—yet hilarious—characters and impersonations.

The show quickly became one of the most quotable shows of its time thanks in part to Chappelle’s portrayals of people like Lil Jon and Prince (among others). Airing between 2003-2006, Chappelle’s Show capped its episodes with a musical performance by rap and soul artists, and provided extremely sharp and slightly sinister takes on the racial and social issues that continue to plague our country. He was always joined by a mass of huge guest stars that included Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Ludacris, Susan Sarandon, Ron Jeremy, Joe Rogan, and many more.

With only 28 episodes in total, revisiting the show’s glory days isn’t a huge commitment. Here’s how to watch Chappelle’s Show streaming online.

How to Watch Chappelle’s Show Online & Stream the Complete Series

Chappelle’s Show remains absent from the likes of Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in the United States, but every episode can be watched on Comedy Central’s website.

You’ll need to log-in to a cable provider to watch this way, but if you don’t have cable you can sign up for a free trial of DirecTV Now and then use those credentials to sign in and watch Chappelle’s Show on the Comedy Central digital platforms.

How Many Chappelle’s Show Seasons Are There?

Chapelle’s Show ran for only three seasons despite being one of the top comedies, sketch or otherwise, of its time. After producing just three episodes of its third season, Chappelle walked away from a reported $50 million deal from Comedy Central, a network that was yearning for more of Chappelle’s cultural comedy…and willing to pay a lot of money for it.

Chappelle’s Show Season 1

12 Episodes | January 2003 – April 2003

Back when TV shows on DVD was a thing, the very first season of Chappelle’s Show sold more than two million copies making it one of the most successful seasons of television produced. A pure moneymaker for its network, Comedy Central, Chapelle’s Show was one of the most talked about shows before the social media boom, becoming an instant classic and prime fodder for watercooler convos. Some of the season’s most memorable skits include Third World Girls Gone Wild, Pretty White Girl Sings Dave’s Thoughts, HBO Real Sex Street Interview, Wu Tang Financial, Blackzilla and Roots Outtakes. Musical guests included Killer Mike, Fat Joe, The Roots, De La Soul and many more.

Chappelle’s Show Season 2

13 Episodes | January 2004 – April 2004

Along with John Mayer and Questlove, Chappelle explored the art behind White People Dancing. …read more

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Watch Chappelle’s Show Online: How to Stream Full Episodes

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