Watch horror moment seaplane smashes into boat while trying to take-off before sinking beneath waves in Vancouver

THIS is the horror moment a seaplane carrying six people smashes into a boat while trying to take off in Canada.

The shocking collision was caught by a bystander as the aircraft glided across Vancouver’s Coal Harbour on Saturday.

The seaplane can be seen heading straight for the boat in Vancouver’s Coal HarbourTom Adrion/Storyful

The two instantly collide, causing a large splash in the waterTom Adrion/Storyful

The plane then plunge into the sea almost immediately after the crashTom Adrion/Storyful

The footage shows the seaplane attempting to take off before it crosses paths with a pleasure boat coming from a separate direction.

An almighty bang can be heard as the pair collide before the top half of the boat comes flying off into the sea.

The plane then flies up into the air before immediately crashing back down into the water and sinking beneath the waves.

Miraculously, the driver of the boat was unharmed and made his way over to the quickly-submerging plane to provide assistance.

All passengers of the boat were accounted for, but several of them were injured and taken to hospital, CBC report.

A spokesperson for Harbour Air confirmed one of its planes, with five passengers on-board for a sightseeing tour, collided with a boat after takeoff from the seaplane terminal.

“All five passengers on the aircraft, and the pilot, are uninjured and safe,” the statement read.

“We have been advised by the local authorities that all passengers on the boat have also been accounted for.”

The spokesperson added they were working with authorities to support the people affected by the collision, according to CBC.

Half of the plane was under water by the end of the video, with the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) since confirming that it had been secured to a barge after completely submerging.

In a statement to CBC, the TSB confirmed the downed aircraft is a De Haviland DHC-2 Mark 1, commonly referred to as a Beaver, which carries up to six passengers.

The government agency said it has begun conducting witness interviews and is coordinating with the aircraft recovery team to understand its plans.

“In the next few days, the investigation team will attend the aircraft recovery, examine the wreckage, continue gathering information, and conduct more interviews,” a TSB spokesperson said.

Australian tourist Pat Anson witnessed the shocking sequence of events as he walked around Coal Harbour.

“We saw two speedboats in front of it and I am not sure if it hit the speedboat or not, but it sort of jumped in the air and did a nosedive over the top of the speedboats,” he said.

The Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (JRCC) in Victoria confirmed in a statement they sent two vessels to the scene — the Laredo Sound and a fast rescue craft.

“Once on scene, they worked with multiple agencies to respond,” the statement said.

Coal Harbour is located in downtown Vancouver and the site for the city’s seaplane terminal.

It is served by carriers such as Harbour Air and Seair Seaplanes.

In 2017, a British millionaire and his family died in a seaplane crash in Australia after the pilot was overcome by toxic exhaust fumes.

Business tycoon Richard Cousins, 58, died in the crash, alongside his two sons, William, 25, and Edward, 23, fiancee Emma Bowden, 48, and her 11-year-old daughter, Heather on New Year’s Eve.

Elsewhere, footage has captured the heart-stopping moment two passenger planes were seconds away from smashing into each other at a major airport.

Two aircraft, run by Air India and IndiGo, were involved in a nail-biting near-miss on the runway at Mumbai Airport, in India, on Saturday. 

The boat makes its way to the plane almost immediately after the crashTom Adrion/Storyful

The aircraft quickly submerges beneath the waves as help arrivesTom Adrion/Storyful

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