Waves of Flags return to Pepperdine, honoring Sept. 11’s victims


Nearly 3,000 flags again comprise Pepperdine University’s annual “Waves of Flags” display at Alumni Park on the school’s Malibu campus to recognize the anniversary of 9/11.

The rows of American flags, and also one national flag for each foreign country who lost citizens that day, represent the 2,977 victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in which airplane hijackers destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City, crashed a plane into the Pentagon, and crashed a plane in rural Pennsylvania after passengers revolted against the hijackers.

Passersby can’t miss the massive display of flags on the university’s great lawn at the corner of Malibu Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway.

The “Waves of Flags” tradition began in 2008 when university students were inspired by a similar Sept. 11 tribute elsewhere. The flags will be up until Sept. 20 and then lowered on Sept. 21 by volunteers from Pepperdine and the community.

Pepperdine University, 24255 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. www.pepperdine.edu/waves-of-flags/

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‘Waves of Flags’ honors 9/11 victims Saturday at Pepperdine University

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