‘What is Amazon Assistant?’: How to use Amazon’s browser extension that helps you find the best deals online

What is Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant is a browser extension that allows you to compare prices on other websites with Amazon’s prices.
Amazon Assistant also allows you to access your Amazon Lists from anywhere, track the prices of online items over time, and sends you notifications about deals and order shipments.
Amazon Assistant is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and on Android devices.

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If you’re a fan of online shopping, and you already use browser extensions like Honey to help you save money when doing so, then you may want to consider downloading Amazon Assistant.

Amazon Assistant is a browser extension that works with Amazon to make it easier to comparison shop online.

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The features of Amazon Assistant

Once installed on your browser on your Mac or PC, if you’re shopping for an item on a website, like Walmart for example, if the Amazon Assistant sees that the same item is available on Amazon for less money, it’ll let you know. You can also see all the Amazon reviews for that item without leaving the webpage.

But that’s not all the Amazon Assistant can do for you.

Any time you search for an item online, you can look for Amazon’s 30 Day Price Tracker for that item. The tracker allows you to see how the prices of that item have changed over the past month, and puts a sticker on the lowest price it finds — that way you know when’s the best time to buy.

Amazon Assistant also gives you access to your Amazon Lists wherever you are on the web, allowing you to search for and add any items that you need with ease. See an ad for a slow cooker while doing something else and realize that you really want one? You can just add it to your Amazon List, and you’ll remember to buy it later.

The browser extension can also create shortcuts for other Amazon features, like your order history, daily deals, exclusive offers, and more. You can also opt to receive notifications for deals and shipping updates for orders.

The browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, as well as on Android phones through the Google Play store. You should also note that in order for the Assistant to work, it has to be linked to an existing Amazon account.

Here’s how to download Amazon Assistant on your computer:

How to download Amazon Assistant

1. Open your preferred browser on your Mac or PC and open the Amazon Assistant homepage.

2. Click the yellow button in the middle of the page and select the browser that you’d like to download Amazon Assistant on.

For Google Chrome, click the blue “Add to Chrome” button on the next page and then the “Add extension” button from the dropdown …read more

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