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The snowiest city in the world, with an average of 26 feet — or eight meters — of snowfall every year, is Aomori City in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.
For comparison, the average snowfall in Sapporo, Japan, — which comes in at number two on the list of snowiest cities — is 16 feet, or almost 5 meters. That’s a 10-foot difference!
During the winter you may find yourself driving alongside a wall of snow that’s several feet high.
Locals celebrate the snow with winter festivals at castles and parades down the city streets.

Aomori City, Japan, is the snowiest city in the world, according to AccuWeather.

The coastal city located in the northern Japan prefecture, Aomori, — a prefecture in Japan is equivalent to a county in the US — sits between the Hakkōda Mountains and the edge of Mutsu Bay — which means it gets a ton of snow during the winter.

The winter months in Aomori prefecture can mean delays and stoppages in public transportation and roads filled with abandoned cars, among other things.

But the city and the surrounding area also find ways to celebrate the snow.

There are a number of festivals and beautiful snowy sights to see throughout the season.

From train delays to annual walks in the snow, here’s a look at what life is like in the snowiest city in the world.

Construction on a seaport-turned-city began during early Edo period Japan, and was named Aomori City in 1624.

Source: Aomori Sightseeing Guide

The city is now home to more than 279,000 people and is annually buried in the heaviest snowfall worldwide, according to AccuWeather.

Source: AccuWeather, and City Population

Its location in the north of Japan …

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What life is like in the snowiest city in the world, where snow tunnels can reach 26 feet high and tourists come to see lanterns and ‘monsters’ made out of snow

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