What to pack and how to prepare before planning a road trip this summer — 9 medical and hospitality experts weigh in with advice and tips

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As states reopen and COVID-19 changes the landscape for travel, road trips of all stripes are becoming a possibility for many Americans.
The goal of a road trip, even during COVID-19 times, should be to not only enjoy yourself, but to leave an area the way you found it, and come home as safe and healthy as you left — just a bit more relaxed.
We interviewed experts including an epidemiologist, an immunologist, eye and dental surgeons, and a hospitality sanitation professional to advise how to prepare, what to pack, and tips for encountering others when hitting the road.
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The days when organizing a road trip simply meant scouting for top snacks and making a killer playlist might be over — at least temporarily.

COVID-19 has turned travel into a cautionary tale for many, from those who write about it to those who do it only a couple of times per year.

But there are many ways to take a trip this summer safely and come home just as healthy as when you left. From precautions to products, we asked experts including an epidemiologist, an immunologist, eye and dental surgeons, and a hospitality sanitation professional to weigh in on how to prepare for a road trip, what to pack, and what to know once you hit the open road.

Some of the advice may seem overly cautionary; just thinking about packing many of these items feels tiresome. But as states reopen and cases rebound in certain places, the situation is proving to be especially fluid. Remember, there is no vaccine for COVID, so even for travelers following CDC and WHO guidelines and taking every precaution, there’s no guarantee of safety.

In short, expect to make adjustments, be flexible, and consider overpacking. It’s better to have brought too much than be brought up short. And remember, the beauty of driving is, unlike flying, you’ve got autonomy. If anything happens that you don’t like or makes you feel unsafe, you can get in the car and drive.

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Tips on choosing your destination and lodging

Choosing where to go and where to stay go don’t always go hand-in-hand. But in this case, first decide where you want to go, and what kind of lodgings make you comfortable.

Because the virus is primarily transmitted via respiratory droplets between people, the fewer encounters you experience, the more you are able to protect your safety.

For that reason, doctors and experts regard renting private homes as a low-risk proposition for disease transmission, especially when compared to hotels. Given their very nature, hotels are places where hundreds of people gather. By booking an entire home, you’re protected from interaction with others.

So, if you seek to truly want to limit your exposure, choose a house or cabin, such as those found on

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