Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Love Once and Always’ Filmed? Was It Really in Rhode Island?


Tonight Hallmark is premiering a new spring movie, Love Once and Always (formerly called Mansion Splitters“) at 9 p.m. Eastern. But where was it filmed? The movie is about Lucy’s childhood sweetheart wanting to tear down a New England mansion called the Wycliff House in Rhode Island, and replace it with a golf course. But is this mansion real and is it in Rhode Island? How can you visit it? Read on to learn all about where this movie was actually filmed.

Although Love Once and Always takes place in Rhode Island, the movie was actually filmed in Canada, including Vancouver, British Columbia; Delta, British Columbia; and Burnaby, BC. The movie was filmed in mid-January, so it may not quite have that springtime feel you’re expecting. However, Hallmark is a master at making a movie appear like it was filmed in a different season. Many of the channel’s Christmas movies, for example, are actually filmed in the spring and generous amounts of fake snow help create a wintery ambiance.

In mid-January, Love Once and Always was filmed in Delta, British Columbia on 4953 Chisholm St. and 7800 Alpha Way. The Chisholm St. location is the home of Sharkey’s Seafood Bar & Grille. 7800 Alpha Way is near an airport and home to places like Alpha Aviation and Skyhawk Restaurant. Here’s a post that Sharkey’s Seafood made on Facebook during the filming. They wrote: “Last week a Hallmark Productions movie of the week was filmed at Sharkeys, Mansion Splitters. They used some of our staff as extras and asked for over 40 plates of food for filming! Be sure to check it out!”

Meanwhile, the movie was also filmed in Burnaby, BC from early January to late January 2018, on 601-2400 Boundary Road (aka Bridge Studios.) Bridge Studios is one of the largest effects stages in North America, with eight studios ranging in size from 4,600 square feet to 40,000 square feet.

As for Vancouver locations, we have quite a few of those to list too. One of the locations where the movie was filmed was Waterfront Road in Vancouver:

Circus set up at gravel lot on Waterfront Road today. @WhatsFilming pic.twitter.com/fMrrZP9t5Q

— Suffering Sappho (@ThemysciraBound) January 9, 2018

Parts of the movie were also filmed at Spanish Banks, a series of beaches in Vancouver:

@WhatsFilming TFTM1 is at Spanish Banks between UBC and Kits

— 🔥🍁🐋 (@orangejoe24) January 23, 2018

The Vancouver Club was also used.

TV movie Mansion Splitters in the Vancouver Club today.

— YVRShoots (@yvrshoots) January 9, 2018

Although this hasn’t been confirmed, it’s possible that the Vancouver Club served as the interior scenes for the Wycliff House in the movie. It’s served as a mansion for films before, including The 100 when the Vancouver Club was the setting for Alie’s mansion. Here are some photos of The Vancouver Club from their Facebook page. Does this look …read more

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