White wall of caravans block our beautiful seaside view – we paid a premium and we want them banned, locals say

Camper vans are blocking the beautiful seafront view that Tyson Fury runs along and locals now want them banned.

They say motorhomes line the pretty promenade in Morecambe, Lancs, day and night in summer despite a campsite nearby only costing £12.

AlamyLocal residents in Morecambe are fed-up with camper vans parking along the promenade[/caption]

GettyTyson Fury runs along Morecambe promenade, according to one councillor[/caption]

What annoys them even more is the tourists arrive stocked full of food and drink and don’t spend cash in the town.

They also claim they pour their toilet waste down drains rather than take it to a specialist waste disposal site.

Resident Michael Dickson Glen said said he is paying top dollar for the view, but the motor homes are blocking it.

He said he’s seen people pouring their waste down the drains three or four times.

“I’ve asked them why don’t they go to camp-sites? I never get a proper answer. They say their vehicles are taxed and insured. Or they tell me to f*** off. These are people in the 50s-age group who should know better.

Michael added: “I go out for a walk most mornings about 6.30am along the prom. The other day I passed a man and heard the unmistakable sound of him urinating.

“I asked what he was doing? He said what has it got to do with me? I said I live across the road. He gave me a load of verbal abuse.”

Suzanne Smith said abuse from campers was affecting residents’ mental health.

She said: “I have seen some effluent straight down onto the beach. Unfortunately it was not an isolated incident. But by the time the environmental department staff arrive, the vehicles have typically left.”

Margaret Pattison, a Labour city and county councillor, said the parking situation on the promenade was unclear.

She said: “Obviously we want visitors coming to Morecambe but residents want some controls put on the promenade parking and to deal with overnight problems. We need proper places for camper-vans and motor-homes to go – perhaps a new car park?

“I came home late recently and saw a bus on the prom at 3am with the lights on and steam coming out the windows. People are sleeping overnight in vehicles and cooking with gas stoves. It could be really dangerous.

“Morecambe is getting quite a lot of publicity these days. It appears on TV. Tyson Fury runs along the prom. John McGuinness [the motorcyclist] highlights the town.

“But we need to get promenade and camper-van arrangements right.”

Morecambe Town Council has been approached for comment.

FacebookMargaret Pattison, Labour Councillor, said the parking situation on the promenade was not clear[/caption]

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