Willow isn’t actually dead because nothing dies anymore, Willow Showrunner claims

pasturePhoto: Disney

Earlier this week, reports broke this pasture– the streaming TV sequel to the 1988 fantasy epic by Ron Howard and George Lucas – had been canceled after a single season on Disney+. Now series showrunner Jon Kasdan has pushed back on those reports, basically claiming that in a world where pasture can be revived on a technology that didn’t even exist when it first hit theaters, who’s even to say what ‘cancelled’ means anymore?

In a lengthy letter posted to Twitter this week, Kasdan acknowledges the basic point that has sparked reports about it pasture‘s Death: The release of the cast from their contracts, which usually signals a show has no plans to proceed with production in the near future. What also at pasture: Kasdan acknowledged that “due to forces far greater and more complicated than I would ever pretend to fully understand, streaming show production is being slowed down across the industry,” Kasdan admitted that “pasture will not resume filming for the next 12 months.”

But despite all that, Kasdan insists this is just a hiatus and not a real cancellation, because what’s 12 months? “Three weeks ago,” he writes, “we got a third season of party down, 13 years after the second season. Between Season 2 and 3 of Atlanta? 4 years. Curb your enthusiasm Seasons 8 and 9 had a 6-year hiatus.” Which ignores that much a higher percentage of shows taking a “break” and staying there, but Kasdan suggests he has at least some ongoing support from Disney and Lucasfilm. (Which, to be fair, didn’t put out one of those “We were so lucky to have worked with you” press releases that are usually the death knell for a TV show.) Kasdan also reportedly has a full bushel of scripts for Willow Volume IIwhich was promised (next to Willow Volume III) in the opening moments of the streaming series.


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