Woman captures ‘awkward’ New Year’s Eve proposal in viral TikTok: ‘Everyone was so shocked’

The perfect proposal is all about perfect timing, but it looks like this viral New Year’s Eve proposal came at the wrong time.

TikToker @caesthetically couldn’t believe the awkward scene at a New Year’s Eve party in Hawaii. She thought she was witnessing a live application fail in the making — but the real outcome was no less shocking.

“OMG they stopped the whole NYE party for this guy to propose and the girl had NOTHING,” the teletext read.

The outdoor party came to a halt for the announcement, but the woman who received the proposal seemed reluctant to take to the stage. Her friend got on one knee and asked the question.

Then came a long awkward pause. He told her it was a “simple yes or no.” Finally the woman agreed.

“I thought she was going to say no,” the teletext reads. “Everyone was so shocked.”

After the pair left the stage, “they immediately started fighting.” In the end, the TikToker called it the “awkwardest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“SEE. That’s why I told my fiancé how I wanted my marriage proposal. Private, in public or in front of family. Those are important questions to ask yourself,” one person commented.

“She probably wanted something romantic and cute and he drunk it at a party,” replied one TikToker.

“I’m pretty sure she only said yes so as not to embarrass him…it was painful to see that I feel bad for him,” wrote another.

“I feel like this was more for him than her,” said one user.

“If someone did this to me, I would move,” one added.

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