Woman fined for ‘discrediting Russian army’ by complaining about nursery toys

A nursery teacher told a parent that the military toys were to teach children the importance of fighting for their country (Picture: Shutterstock)

A woman has been fined after criticising a Russian nursery’s abundance of military toys.

The woman, named in the court judgement only as Natalya, was said to have ‘discredited’ the country’s armed forces as the Ukraine war continues to rage on.

According to the Baikal Journal, the Irkutsk resident told the nursery teacher that she thought there was a lot of military toys in the pre-school and asked that the children be limited as to how many they could play with.

The teacher reportedly replied: ‘Patriotic education is carried out, and children are explained that they need to serve in the army and fight so that they are not afraid to die for their Motherland.’

During a trial it was said that the woman ‘looked at the portrait of President Putin, used insulting language towards him, saying that Russia attacked Ukraine, and that is why civilians are dying there.’

She was fined 35,000 roubles – just over £300 at the current exchange rate.

A picture of Vladimir Putin was also criticised by the angry parent who opposed the Ukraine War (Picture: GETTY IMAGES)

The Journal goes on to say that Natalya is just the latest in a long line of people accused of dissidence against the Russian state and its controversial leader.

In the last two years the courts of the Irkutsk region and Buryatia have seen more than 100 cases brought under the banner of ‘discrediting Russian armed forces’.

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Fines can go as high as 100,000 roubles – around £8,000.

Russian residents who are against the war typically go on a solo picket, many taking posters declaring their stance.

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