Wordle down? Try these five games instead to get your daily word fix

Wordle is down for a third day – leaving users disappointed (Picture: PA)

As Wordle fans face a third day without their favourite game, we’ve dug around to find some alternative games for word lovers.

The popular game appears to be down yet again as users across the UK have reported being unable to access the brainteaser and receiving an error message.

But don’t fret – here are a few alternative games to keep your mind occupied until Wordle is back up and running.


Wordscapes has been a popular word game for nearly seven years (Picture: Katie Strick)

Since 2017, Wordscapes has been available on Android and App Stores – and is a top 100 ranked game for word lovers on the Google Play Store.

With more than 14 million players, the game certainly has a cult following as players aim to solve a puzzle by finding every word using letters located in a circle on screen.

There are anywhere from three to seven letters in each circle, depending on the level – and with over 6,000 levels, players are sure to be occupied for a while.

And good news for Wordle fans is that Wordscapes publishes a daily puzzle as well, so players have something to look forward to each morning.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends has been around for more than a decade (Picture: Getty)

After launching in 2009, Words with Friends has been an incredibly popular word game on Facebook and now has its own apps on both Apple and Android.

The rules are very similar to Scrabble, but players can compete against multiple competitors in the multiplayer version of the game.

Players get seven random letter tiles, which are replenished until all 104 tiles have been used.

Players take turns thinking of words to add on the board, can swap tiles or can choose to pass.

Scrabble Go

An online version of Scrabble is available (Picture: Reuters)

Scrabble is the quintessential head of all word-based games, and now has an app which players can use.

Renamed ‘Scrabble Go’, the app version of this classic game is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Players are given seven tiles with various letters on them, and are challenged to make up words on the ‘table’.

If you’re looking for a classic board game gone modern, this is the perfect option.


The unique game allows users to use risque words (Picture: Sweardle)

For a rather odd alternative to the traditional Wordle puzzle, the folks at Sweardle have opted to create a version of the game with only swear words.

Their website explains: ‘Sweardle was invented as a joke parody of Wordle, using ‘four letter’ swear words instead of five.

‘Approximately 50 swear words are in use, intentionally selected to not use overtly racist, homophobic or misogynistic words.

‘Undoubtedly some of the words will offend someone, which is not the goal, but neither will I apologise – you can’t visit a swear word guessing game and not expect some offensive terms.’


Heardle is a good option for music lovers (Picture: Christophe Bayle)

If you’re using Wordle’s outage as a chance to unplug from word games, Heardle is a great option as it challenges users to identify a song by just a second of play time.

Available online for free – an app version hasn’t been launched yet – the game promises to provide songs from every genre and decade.

They explain: ‘Heardle is the music version of Wordle, where you have to guess a song name within six attempts. The game features millions of songs by various artists, challenging players to listen carefully to know the answer.’

If your answer is correct, it will come with a green tick, but if your answer is wrong, it will come with a red X.

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