BBC host Gabby Logan ‘shocked’ over UEFA decision with Barnabas Varga injury at Euro 2024

Hungary players rushed to the aide of Barnabas Varga after his head injury (Getty)

Gabby Logan admits she and the BBC were ‘shocked’ by UEFA’s decision to show a replay of Barnabas Varga’s head injury during Hungary’s win against Scotland at Euro 2024 on Sunday evening.

Varga was involved in an aerial collision with Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn in the second half and was motionless on the ground after landing.

Hungary’s players rushed to Varga’s aide before the national team’s medical staff, who were initially slow to react, ran onto the pitch to put the player in a recovery position.

Stewards and Hungary’s players then held up blankets to shield Varga as he received medical attention.

During the BBC’s coverage, the broadcaster initially showed a replay of the incident before cutting away to a wider shot of the pitch while medical staff treated Varga.

And Logan subsequently explained that the BBC was ‘surprised’ by UEFA’s call to immediately show a replay and a close-up of Varga before the broadcaster chose to cut away from the feed it was receiving.

Gabby Logan said she was ‘shocked’ by UEFA’s call to show a replay of the injury (BBC)

Barnabas Varga was put in a recovery position by Hungary’s medical staff (Reuters)

‘All of our thoughts are with Barnabas Varga after that sickening collision, and we are updating you as we get information on his condition,’ Logan said shortly after the full-time whistle.

‘We were as shocked as you when they replayed that incident. There are protocols around those kinds of things after Christian Eriksen [collapsed] three years ago.

‘We were very surprised when UEFA chose to show that replay, which is why we cut away immediately to a wide angle as soon as we could.’

Hungary’s players shielded Barnabas Varga after his injury (Reuters)

Barnabas Varga was taken to an ambulance on a stretcher (Getty)

Hungary have since confirmed that Varga is ‘conscious and in a stable condition’ after he was taken to a hospital in Stuttgart for assessment.

Speaking after the game, Hungary head coach Marco Rossi said: ‘In that moment I didn’t realise immediately, then when we saw the players calling the doctors and everything I started to be worried and everyone was really worried.

‘I thought when Barni left the pitch he was already awake, he was okay.

‘So this is very good, the guy is healthy. Of course, he may not be available for the rest of the tournament if we continue, depending on the others at this point. But the most important thing is that he’s healthy.’

In his post-match press conference, Rossi added: ‘Fortunately now we can say Barni is not under any kind of risk. Probably he will have an operation because he suffered a fracture.’

When asked about the incident, Scotland goalkeeper Gunn said: ‘I thought I had to come [for the ball], it was a bit painful.

‘Hopefully the guy’s alright. I can’t really remember too much about that one.’

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