Bills Safety Makes Bold Statement About Returning to Buffalo

One of the biggest surprises of free agency was learning that Jordan Poyer would be returning to the Buffalo Bills. While the veteran safety wiped his Instagram page clean of all Bills-related posts, Poyer revealed why he ultimately decided to come back to Orchard Park, and to the NFL in general.

While speaking to the media on Thursday, March 16, the soon-be-be 32-year-old said he was merely “testing the market” as any free agent would do, but none of those options made him content. “It was one of the things my wife was telling me, ‘What is going to make Jordan Poyer happy? Because whatever makes you happy, will make everyone else around you happy.’ And so being here was going to make me happy.”

Poyer said he knew he made the right decision once he walked back into the halls of Highmark Stadium, which is a far cry from what he felt the last time he was there. The All-Pro boldly admitted that after the Bills got blown out 27-10 by the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC divisional round, he contemplated retirement. “The day after the game, I was like eff this, I’m done.”

As Jordan Poyer tested the free agency waters, one criteria stood above the rest.

“What is going to make Jordan Poyer happy?”

He explains why that answer ultimately was the #Bills.

— Jon Scott (@JonScottTV) March 16, 2023

Poyer suffered a concussion early in the fourth quarter against the Bengals, which forced him to exit the game early. The veteran said he was “pretty salty” about how the year ended, calling the 2022 NFL season “the hardest year he ever went through both mentally and physically,” but during the offseason, the idea of retiring just didn’t sit well. Poyer couldn’t even enjoy playing golf because he kept thinking about football and knew he had to return to play.

Poyer, who inked a two-year deal contract with Buffalo, also boldly hinted that this could be his last NFL contract. “This is where I’m going to finish my career and I’m really excited about that… I don’t know how many more years I have left to play. I know I have this year guaranteed, that I’m going to be able to play football at a high level. I’m healthy now and just needed time to get my body right. I’m ready to play.”

Poyer Addressed the ‘Crazy’ Dolphins’ Rumors

GettyBills safety Jordan Poyer #21 looks on from the sideline against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on September 25, 2022.

Despite his wife Rachel Bush packing up their home in Buffalo, Poyer knew there was always a chance he’d be back. “One of the main things going into the offseason was not to alienate any of the relationships in this organization,” he said. “I have no ill feelings toward anybody out here or in this building… I wanted to go out with no negativity whether I played somewhere else or retired.”

Because Poyer mentioned on his self-titled podcast wanting to live in a city where you “see the sun maybe every week or so” and to pay lower taxes, rumors swirled that the former seventh-round pick from the 2013 NFL Draft would land with one of the Bills’ AFC East rivals, the Miami Dolphins.

“It’d be crazy to stay in the East and come down here to South Florida,” Poyer said on the podcast while discussing the birthday plans for his golfing buddy, Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. A few days later, while speaking at the NFL Combine, Miami’s head coach Mike McDaniel artfully dodged questions about adding a player like Poyer.

Mike McDaniel when asked about Jordan Poyer’s comments hinting he’d like to play for the Dolphins:

— Alain Poupart (@PoupartNFL) February 28, 2023

But Poyer said on Thursday that “the media made that out to be something it really wasn’t… The question was if I could go play anywhere else but Buffalo, where would you go… So, (with the taxes and sunshine comment), people just happened to link that to south Florida because I live down there in the offseason but the ball just kept rolling and it was a crazy situation. I know I’ll probably get booed when I go play in Miami, but I’ll be alright.”

As for Buffalo, “This is home, man. I love these fans out here. I love this community. I know I said some things about the taxes. I think we can all agree that we’re like, ‘What the hell?’” Poyer said with a laugh. “Sorry I said the truth but that had nothing to do with the decision on whether I’d come here or leave. I didn’t want to leave.”

Poyer Is Back to ‘Win a Championship’

GettyJordan Poyer #21 of the Buffalo Bills celebrates with teammate Micah Hyde #23 after intercepting the ball against Miami Dolphins on December 17, 2017.

Ever since Poyer and fellow All-Pro safety Micah Hyde landed in Buffalo back in 2017 they’ve had one goal. “We are going to turn this city around and we’re going to give this city a championship,” Poyer said. “That’s been our goal since we got here and it hasn’t changed.

“That was another reason I wanted to come back. I truly believe we do have the right team to do that. So, run it back.” Poyer admitted not having Hyde around this past season made everything that much harder. “He’s a huge reason why I was excited to come back and play in this organization.”

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