Commanders Stars Latest Pitch Tells Micah Parsons ‘We Welcome You’

Jahan Dotson of the Washington Commanders made his latest pitch to Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons. Dotson and Parsons played with each other at Penn State and have found success in their early professional careers. Parsons has an argument to be the best defensive player in football and Dotson continues to impress.

The Commanders hired Dan Quinn and Dotson made sure to let Parsons know that he could come over to Washington and they’ll welcome him.

We welcome you with open arms brotha 😆 @MicahhParsons11

— Jahan Dotson (@JahanDotson) February 1, 2024

His comments come in the form of a joke, but the idea has certainly excited Commanders fans. With Parsons’ former defensive coordinator leaving, maybe one day he’ll return closer to home and play for Washington.

Micah Parsons Praised Dan Quinn

When the Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers, many around the league believed it was Quinn’s last game in Dallas. Before their loss, Parsons had nothing but praise for the new Commanders head coach.

He said the following, according to Grant Gordon of

“That’s like my OG, for real. He means a lot to me, not only cause, it’s not just about football,” Parsons said. “I think Q, we were talking today, and I was like, ‘Could you do the college thing?’ Cause of [Nick] Saban [retiring] and all them. And he was like, ‘Yeah.’ And I was like, ‘Cause you’re just such a great mentor.’

The relationship between the two seemed strong and one that Parsons will always appreciate.

Unfortunately, the idea of him leaving the Dallas Cowboys seems highly unlikely. Dotson’s comments were him having fun with his good friend and former teammate. Given the Cowboys have a roster that can win a Super Bowl, Parsons doesn’t have much of a reason to leave. Jerry Jones understands he has one of the best players in football, making it even more unlikely that he’d leave.

Dan Quinn Is Respected by His Players

The Washington Commanders’ new staff that Quinn puts together must be respected by the players. That’s the first step in getting this young group to buy in and if he can do that, the rebuild will be much easier.

Parsons added that he believes Quinn helped him find a way to love the game. From his comments, it sounds certain that Dan Quinn was respected by him and others on the Cowboys.

“He does a great job finding ways for you to love the game, finding ways to go around the game. It doesn’t always have to be hard-nosed, ‘I’m the coach.’ I think it’s more of a friendship. We go through what I don’t like [and] what I do like. He doesn’t just treat me like a player. He treats me almost like a friend. He’s always there when I need him, and we’re not afraid to have those hard conversations, either it’s father to son or player to coach.”

Micah Parsons and Jahan Dotson teaming up again would be fun to watch. Hopefully, that happens one day, and it ends up being in Washington with his defensive coordinator.

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