Cowboys Urged to Sign 4-Time Pro Bowl RB in 2024

The Dallas Cowboys have already made major changes to their RB group but they could make an even bigger move for an ex-Baltimore Ravens RB. After a disappointing year with the New York Jets and Ravens, Dalvin Cook needs a new team and the Cowboys could be his landing spot.

Bleacher Report writer Kristopher Knox explored the possibility in a June 24 article. Knox explains that the Cowboys need another work horse to help ease the load on the current group and QB Dak Prescott.

“Adding another back to the mix would be sensible because if the offense doesn’t have balance, Prescott is going to face a lot of pressure,” Knox wrote. “It would behoove the Cowboys to at least kick the tires on Dalvin Cook. The four-time Pro Bowler appeared to lose a step in 2022 and struggled to get on the field in 2023.”

Knox mentions that Cook could be open to a “team-friendly” deal to get with a contender. He states that $2-3 million could be a reasonable offer after Cook played on a $7 million deal with the Jets during the 2023 season before joining the Ravens for the playoffs.

Cook may be past his prime, but he is still a four-time Pro Bowler. Being able to buy low on a player with that type of ceiling is hard to pass up.

Cook Struggles After Vikings Run

While Cook was with the Minnesota Vikings, he was one of the premier running backs in the NFL. A Florida State product, Cook lived up to his second-round draft billing after arriving in Minneapolis in 2017. However, it did take him a couple of years to reach star status.

Cook tore his ACL in his rookie season, playing only four games. A hamstring injury then disrupted his 2018 campaign, meaning that Cook only played 15 games over his first two seasons. The injuries were a worrying trend, but Pro Football Reference shows how Cook rebounded in 2019.

In 14 games, Cook ran for 1135 yards and scored 13 touchdowns, adding another 519 receiving yards. He had officially arrived and the now 28-year-old would spend the next three seasons terrifying defenses.

His 1135 yards in 2019 was his lowest rushing total until the 2023 campaign. He scored a whopping 16 rushing touchdowns in 2020 and finished as a Pro Bowler every year from 2019 to 2022.

However, his departure from Minnesota did not pan out. In 15 games with the Jets, Cook only totaled 214 rushing yards and one touchdown on 67 touches.

Cowboys Could Get Cook’s ‘Fresh’ Legs

Back in April, Cook interviewed with KPRC 2 writer Aaron Wilson. During the chat, the veteran RB explained that he’s feeling optimistic ahead of the 2024 season. While 2023 was not ideal, it was not as physically taxing as previous campaigns.

“I’ve got it all,” Cook said. “The tools are still here. I didn’t really get no reps last year. So, the legs are fresh, so the resume speaks for itself. I’m still Dalvin Cook. I’m still that guy. For me, I don’t like to toot my own horn. I just like to go out there, put my helmet on and line up on the grass.”

Whether Cook finds his chance with the Cowboys or another team is unclear. But if he is feeling dangerous, just about every NFL team should be paying attention.

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