Fans spot moment Alan Shearer ‘smirks’ at BBC camera on live TV after Scotland are knocked out of Euro 2024 by Hungary

FANS reckon they’ve spotted Alan Shearer smirking at Scotland’s heart-breaking exit from Euro 2024.

Shearer was caught grinning after Hungary bagged a 100th minute winner to beat the Scots 1-0 and leave them rock bottom of Group A.

AFPScotland’s Euros were ended after defeat to Hungary[/caption]

Fans spotted Alan Shearer looking into the camera with a sly grin on his face immediately after Scotland’s exit

AFPScotland’s travelling fans were left gutted[/caption]

Steve Clarke’s side appeared on course for a goalless draw – which would have given them a slim chance of qualifying to the knockout rounds.

Scotland were in with a chance of being one of the four best third-placed teams to qualify for the knockout round.

But Kevin Csoboth’s breakaway goal with virtually the last kick of the match saw Hungary snatch victory and the Scots sent home from Germany.

Scottish football legends David Moyes and Rachel Corsie joined Shearer for pundit duties on the BBC.

But the Newcastle icon has his own history with the Tartan Army.

He took great pleasure in scoring the opening goal of England’s famous 2-0 victory over Scotland in Euro 96.

As the post-match coverage began, the camera panned the panel and Shearer seemingly smirked directly into the lens – before catching and composing himself.

And footie fans on X were quick to react to his comical blunder.


Talk of dropping Harry Kane is absurd, says Jurgen Klinsmann

NO manager in the world will really care about how many touches their centre-forward has, writes Jurgen Klinsmann.

It’s being widely flagged up that Harry Kane has not seen much of the ball in England’s first two matches but this is not, in itself, going to be a concern for Gareth Southgate.

It’s a nice thing for the stats fanatics to go on about — and there are obviously more and more of them in and around football.

But not all statistics are helpful and this one doesn’t mean a great deal.

Harry has scored one goal, and so nearly two, in two games. It’s not as if he hasn’t been involved at all.

Everybody in England needs to calm down a little about the captain.

Some are even suggesting that he should be dropped or rested for tomorrow’s final group game against Slovenia — but that is totally absurd.

Please stop worrying. He will come good. He always does.

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One account posted a now viral clip and wrote: “Alan Shearer can’t hide a little smirk .”

A second responded: “How is he doing that on live TV .”

While another said: “Some man Shearer is! This will be a meme.”

A fourth added: “The laugh is worse than Scotland’s performance!”

But some Scottish fans didn’t let him get away with it, as one wrote: “Don’t worry this will be England next week .”

But it’s not all bad as Shearer did express his sympathy for Scotland after they were denied a penalty in the 78th minute.

Stuart Armstrong was bundled over 10 minutes after Hungary’s Barnabas Varga was stretchered off following a collision with Scottish No1 Angus Gunn.

In fact Shearer felt it was a stonewall spot-kick and was surprised VAR did not intervene.

The former England striker said: “I thought the referee gave a terrible decision when Scotland should have had a penalty.

‘Clear penalty for me. I think the assistant had a great view. It’s a terrible challenge. He gets caught and takes him out. His right knee on to his calf.”

Euro 2024 fans have found genius new way to taunt each other, writes Piers Morgan

FOR a moment, I feared the worst, writes Piers Morgan.

Albanian football fans squared up to their Italian rivals on the streets of Dortmund before their two teams were due to play each other in the Euros.

They’d been taunting and hurling jibes at each other for hours as the alcohol flowed, and now it threatened to escalate into violence.

Then an extraordinary thing happened.

One of the Albanians suddenly produced a packet of uncooked spaghetti, and brandishing it in both hands, he marched fearlessly towards the enemy.

An Italian fan dropped to his knees in front of him and begged him for clemency.

But the merciless Albanian duly snapped the spaghetti into tiny pieces and then flung it into the air in a brazen act of desecration towards Italy’s most beloved and iconic national foodstuff – to wild cheers from his mates.

And at that point, all the fans, on both sides, cheered and fell about laughing, and later they were even seen dancing the traditional Albanian line dance, called the Valle, together.

The hilarious pasta-wrecking moment quickly went viral on social media, and sparked an unprecedented food war that has become a joyous antidote to the usual ugly scenes of hooliganism that have blighted most previous European Championships.

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