Gary Neville fears ‘first ever lawsuit’ for Stick to Football after Patrick Vieira’s seven-word comment about Man Utd

GARY NEVILLE joked “that’s the first ever lawsuit on Stick to Football” after Patrick Vieira’s brutal comment about Manchester United

Neville, Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Ian Wright were joined by former Arsenal star Vieira.

Gary Neville joked that his show would have its ‘first ever lawsuit’YouTube/The Overlap

YouTube/The OverlapPatrick Vieira and Roy Keane reflected on their previous rivalry[/caption]

Vieira and Keane infamously clashed in the Highbury tunnel in 2005

During their conversation, the group discussed the rivalry between United and the Gunners during the late 90s and early 2000s.

In particular, they referenced the Red Devils’ 4-2 win at Highbury in February 2005, before which Keane and Vieira infamously fumed at each other in the tunnel.

Keane, 52, revealed that the Frenchman had “agitated” him that day, by going for “easy target” Neville in the warm-up.

On the tunnel ruckus, the Irishman, speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, brought to you by Sky Bet, said: “I came out and I knew there were noises. I forgot my armband so that’s why I had to go back up the tunnel.

“When I came back out the second time, I knew that something had gone on, and I remember what you [Gary] told me previously.

“I was agitated. My annoyance was that he went after Gary – you go after one, you go after all of us.”

Vieira, 47, revealed that he “couldn’t stand” Neville during his playing days, and had taken issue with the former full-back fouling Robert Pires during the return fixture, which had seen Arsenal’s 49-match unbeaten streak snapped.

The ex-Gunners skipper ran into the tunnel after warming up to warn Neville: “You won’t kick our f***ing players today”


On the fiery pre-match incidents, he then told Neville: “That was planned by me. Because of the nine years I spent at Arsenal, I didn’t like you at all.

“It is true, I couldn’t stand you at all because you were kicking everybody, and especially Robert when he was there.

“In that game I was like I must make you aware that today you are not going to touch Robert – I knew that was the plan for you because you struggled against Robert.

“That day I had to tell you to leave him alone. I felt that you were over the top against him. Robert was nice, he was too nice to complain, and I felt at that time you went over the top, it was too much, and it was too obvious.”

He then joked: “Obviously, because of Manchester United controlling all the referees, you had so much power you were allowed to do what you really wanted to do, so I had it planned in my mind.”

You had so much power, that you were allowed to do what you really wanted to do

Patrick Vieira

This prompted laughter from the panel, before Neville chimed in: “That’s a legal… that’s the first ever lawsuit on Stick to Football!”

Vieira then continued: “You had so much power, that you were allowed to do what you really wanted to do.

“For me I had it planned in my mind, the warm-up, I see you going into the tunnel I will run after you.”

Vieira went on to give Arsenal the lead after just eight minutes at Highbury, but it would be United who had the last laugh.

Ryan Giggs levelled ten minutes later, before Dennis Bergkamp restored the Gunners’ lead before half-time.

A second-half double by Cristiano Ronaldo saw the pendulum swing United’s way, with John O’Shea sealing the 4-2 win with a delicate chip late on.

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