‘Hawk Tuah’ girl takes world of sport by storm through LIV Golf, WWE and Conor McGregor’s now-deleted tweet

THE viral “Hawk Tuah” meme has exploded across the internet over the last few days.

And now it has found it’s way into the world of sport, with references to it during LIV Golf events, WWE and even from UFC star Conor McGregor.

A clip of a lady saying ‘hawk tuah’ has gone viral

It was heard by a fan during LIV Golf’s event in Nashville

WWE star Liv Morgan referenced it backstage

She used in reference to her belt

While a deleted Conor McGregor tweet asked about the woman’s identity

The meme in question came from a video clip of content creator Tim and Dee TV interviewing a pair of ladies during a night out.

The interviewer asked: “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy?”

One of them then issued an X-rated response imitating a spitting sound, saying: “You got to give him that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing.”

The clip became an instant hit on the web, and has led to it being referenced a number of times in all sorts of scenarios, including sport.

One such instance came as Bryson DeChambeau hit a drive while competing at LIV Golf‘s event in Nashville, TN, USA over the weekend.

A fan in the crowd can be heard yelling “hawk tuah” immediately after DeChambeau launched his golf ball.

The clip was also referenced by WWE star Liv Morgan.

Morgan was backstage during a WWE event on June 22 when cameras caught up with her and asked for an update before her next match.

She was asked how she was feeling while holding a belt, before replying: “I feel so good, I just got to give this thing (the belt) a good old ‘hawk tuah’ spit on this thing and we’re good to go.”

Perhaps the biggest indication of the clips relevancy is a now deleted social media post from MMA star McGregor.

Taking to X, where McGregor has over 10 million followers, he wrote: “Have we located hawk tuah yet?”

A couple of fans couldn’t help but have a laugh at the request, with one fan saying: “Conor McGregor must’ve wanted to know how hawk tuah really was.”

A second said: “McGregor looking for the hawk tuah girl is CRAZY.”

Fans have attempted to identify the woman in question, though claims of her true identity are yet to be verified and should be treated with scepticism as rumours circulate online.

McGregor, 35, was set for his comeback fight on June 29 against Michael Chandler, but was forced to pull out of the UFC 303 bout due to a broken toe.

August 31 is one of the dates in play for the rescheduled Return of the Mac, who hasn’t set foot inside the octagon in nearly three years.

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