Jalen Brunson’s Sister Has Stars Back, Calls Out Chicago Bears

New York Knicks guard Jalen Brunson has been on the wrong end of comments throughout the past few months. It started when Becky Hammon said that small guards don’t win championships and Knicks fans weren’t happy about that. If there’s one fan base that won’t accept negative comments on their favorite player, it’s Knicks fans.

Candace Parker thought it was a good idea to say something about Jalen Brunson, saying that he had a bad second round in the playoffs last season. After Knicks fans went back at her, Parker then took to X and compared this situation to her being a Chicago Bears fan.

“Listen y’all, I’m a Bears fan. I get it Knicks. Everything someone says, you take it personally. My comments yesterday have NOTHING to do with what I think about Brunson as a player. I think he’s an Fn monster. I love villanova guards and jay wright. Having a helluva season…..ALL STAR!”

After the Knicks win against the Denver Nuggets on January 25, a game where Brunson again showed how good he truly is, his sister took to Instagram and called out Parker’s Bears comment.

Brunsons sister on IG 😭😭

“Shoutout to all the Bears fans!” pic.twitter.com/09KB2kXXOQ

— Omar (@KingBacca22x) January 26, 2024


Candace Parker’s Jalen Brunson Comments

Knicks fans took to social media to let Parker know that she was wrong. In that series against the Miami Heat, Brunson averaged 31 points, 6.3 assists, and 5.5 rebounds in 6 games. The former Villanova guard went toe to toe with Jimmy Butler, giving the Heat everything he had.

Parker didn’t apologize or recognize that her comments didn’t make much sense. The New York Knicks star instead continues to get overlooked. Her initial comments were as follows, according to Geoff Magliocchetti.

“When the game slows down in the playoffs, and you get jammed up, we’ve seen Jalen Brunson in the playoffs with the (Dallas Mavericks) and he was No. 2, No. 3, came in, played minutes, supplemented Luka (Doncic) handling the ball,” Parker said. “But as a No. 1 option last year in the playoffs, great first round, second round not so much.”

Candace Parker Compares Jalen Brunson to Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo was constantly told he couldn’t be a No. 1 option on a championship team because of the way he played. Despite the two MVPs, the superstar had doubters. Similar to Brunson, he has to quiet those doubters.

Parker tried to deflect her comments and noted that Brunson has to prove people wrong like Giannis did. She again, however, compared this to being a Chicago Bears fan.

“It’s the same questions people had about FTs and can you win when your best player (Giannis) can’t hit free throws… It happened and people had to eat their words on his 50 pt triple double. All I’m saying is I hope Brunson makes me eat words. Sincerely, a sympathizing Bears fan.”

While Brunson does have to prove people wrong, saying he had a bad second round isn’t the correct take. Averaging more than 30 points per game in a series against the Miami Heat isn’t an easy task and Brunson did exactly that for the New York Knicks.

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