Jamal Crawford Claps Back at Jayson Tatum Critics After Celtics Win

Despite the Boston Celtics being up 2-0 on the Dallas Mavericks, Jayson Tatum has faced criticism for his inability to score as much as he previously has. Former NBA player Jamal Crawford showed his support for Tatum after their two wins.

Crawford took to his X account to explain why he believes that the criticism directed at Tatum is unfair.

I salute Jayson Tatum.. His team is UP 2-0 in the finals. And some are criticizing he’s not going for 40 every night,” Crawford wrote. “Looking at stats, and percentages, then will say ‘but it’s all about winning’ lol. Make it make sense!!”

Crawford then explained why how he’s playing is crucial to how the Celtics are ahead in the NBA Finals.

“It’s not about him NOT trying lol. But it’s the fact that it’s not going like usual, and he’s finding ways to contribute to help winning? This not the goal in a team sport?” Crawford wrote.

Tatum has shot poorly since the series started, scoring 34 points on 12-for-38 from the field in two games. At the same time, he’s put up 20 rebounds and 17 assists. On top of that, Tatum has provided defense that has helped limit the Mavericks’ potent offense.

Jayson Tatum Calls Out Scoring Narrative

After the Celtics’ Game 2 victory, Tatum discussed with reporters why he focuses more on making the right play than scoring the most points.

“I’ve been here before, and we didn’t win. It’s just like we’re so close to what we’re trying to accomplish. Why would I let my ego or my need to score all the points get in the way of that?”

Tatum also acknowledged his struggles and that scoring is important in the grand scheme of things.

“There are going to be times where I need to score more. Obviously, I need to shoot better. Golly, but we always talk about doing whatever it takes for however long it takes. If I need to have 16 potential assists every single night, and that’s what puts us in the best position to win, that doesn’t mean I’m the leading scorer. By all means, that gives us the best chance to win, sign me up.”

The Mavericks have dared Tatum to beat them as a playmaker, and he obliged them. While he may not be scoring much, Tatum has shown to be good enough at reading the play to make their defense pay.

Jrue Holiday Clarifies Comments About Jayson Tatum

After Jason Kidd called Jaylen Brown the Celtics’ best player, Holiday seemingly agreed with Kidd. However, after the Game 2 win, Holiday clarified what he meant.

“If I could say something before we jump in. I want to address the comment that was made yesterday. I feel like people kind of took that out of context,” Holiday told reporters. “I’ve been hearing that I prefer JB over JT, and that’s not what that was. I like to praise my teammates. I like to praise my teammates when they’re playing well, and I feel like that’s what I did my best to do.”

Holiday praised the chemistry both Tatum and Brown have and how that’s helped the Celtics.

“I say, like, how they play together and how they work together is something that is sacred and something that can’t be broken. So, just to address the comment yesterday, I do not prefer one or the other. I prefer both. Both of them are superstars, and it’s being shown out here on the biggest stage in the world.”

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