Jamie Carragher slams Thiago Silva’s wife over what she said about Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino

Thiago Silva has been put in an ‘awkward position’ (Picture: Getty)

Jamie Carragher has criticised Thiago Silva’s wife for her public outburst about Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino.

Silva’s wife Belle appeared to call for Pochettino to be sacked in the wake of a catastrophic 4-2 loss to Wolves just over a week ago.

That forced Pochettino to hold crunch talks with his player and Carragher feels that Belle has put her 39-year-old husband in an ‘awkward position’.

‘Thiago Silva is one of the best centre-backs of his generation and he’s shown that since he’s come to Chelsea,’ Carragher told Sky Sports.

‘But there is a bit of pressure on him [now]. He didn’t play against Aston Villa, the team had a great result and the two centre-backs played really well.

‘And he starts off the back of what was said by his wife. In terms of family members speaking, I think back to when I was a player.

‘Whether it be your wife, your father, your brother… whoever it may be should not be going public about a manager.

Mauricio Pochettino has held crunch talks with Thiago Silva (Picture: Getty)

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‘Sometimes an agent comes out and speaks about a player. That is not right and it has to stop. It’s not the first time it’s happened. It’s put him in an awkward position.

‘He’s a fantastic footballer but there will be a few eyes on him. Sooner or later, Chelsea have to move on from Thiago Silva given the age of him.’

Meanwhile, ITV commentator John Champion couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at Silva and his wife Belle during Chelsea’s FA Cup win over Aston Villa on Wednesday.

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