Lauryn Goodman shares messages of support sent to her after taking Kyle Walker’s son to watch England Euros game

LAURYN Goodman has shared messages of support she received after taking Kyle Walker’s son to watch England play Denmark.

The posts come after The Sun revealed that the security team looking after England’s Wags at the second Euros match were warned to keep an eye out for Kyle Walker’s ex.

SplashLauryn Goodman took son Kairo to watch Kyle Walker play in Frankfurt[/caption]

InstagramOne supporter said that Lauryn was acting selflessly[/caption]

EURO 2024 News Pool (ENP) – Denmark vs EnglandKyle greeted his wife and his children with her after the game[/caption]

InstagramAnother supporter for Lauryn said she was just doing the best by her children[/caption]

The Three Lions drew one all with the Danes yesterday after a lacklustre performance in Frankfurt.

Lauryn, who has two kids with the defender, flew to the match with their son Kairo, who wore a Three Lions’ No2 shirt personalised “Daddy”.

Annie, Kyle’s wife and mum to four of his boys, sat with other wives and girlfriends while Lauryn sat in a different part of the stadium.

One source close to Annie said Lauryn is seen as a bit of a trouble maker, chancer, and blagger.

But Lauryn has stuck to her guns and posted messages to her Instagram that she received from supportive fans which praised her for being a good mother.

One read: “The fact you put yourself in that situation to give him that experience shows the mama you are!! Amazing.”

Another person wrote: “Kairo should one million percent be at those games.

“I hope you know how amazing you are and proud you should be. Shame on the rest of the world for thinking differently.”

While a third person said: “You are a wonderful role model to both your children and they know that now but they will truly understand and appreciate it as they get older.”

The source close to Annie said: “Lauryn is seen as a bit of a troublemaker and Annie’s worst nightmare was running into her.

“There was talk of Lauryn’s seats being less than 100 metres away. Annie wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

“The security team were aware of Lauryn’s presence and were primed to make sure she couldn’t get anywhere near the Wags’ area. 

“Lauryn is a blagger and a chancer, and they were worried she might be able to talk her way in.

“But given the sensitivities around it, she was kept well away.”

Lauryn claimed earlier this month that Kyle had offered her tickets to the matches, something his team have vehemently denied. 

SplashLauryn became pregnant while Kyle, 33, was on a break from Annie in 2019[/caption]

The 33-year-old had said she was determined to take her children to Germany for the Euros so they could support their dad.

She also alleged that Kyle made the promise to Kairo because the youngster missed the 2022 World Cup.

The pair had started a secret relationship in 2019 after Lauryn split up from football agent Dane Rashford and went on to have two children.

When Kyle was confirmed to be the dad of Lauryn’s second child, Annie threw him out of their home.

At the time, Annie was expecting their fourth child.

But following the birth of son Rezon in April, a friend told The Sun: “Having their son has made Kyle and Annie think about their relationship and they are committed to working on it together.”

‘It was a slow death’ says Kyle Walker as he relives devastated Annie finding out he’d had 2nd secret child with Lauryn

By Paul Sims

In an exclusive tell-all interview, the England and Manchester City defender admitted he was ­selfish not to tell his pregnant wife about his second secret child — and says: “It was a slow death for me and for Annie.”

Annie’s world imploded just after Christmas when she received a devastating Instagram message out of the blue from Lauryn Goodman, who told her that Kyle had fathered another child with her.

Kyle publicly admitted: “I’m sorry that I have had a second child with Lauryn and hurt my best friend.

“It’s horrible to say that out loud.

“I’ve hurt someone I truly believe is my soulmate.

“It’s tough to not have her.

“She’s my right-hand man.

“I think of her so highly that she probably won’t understand and I probably don’t really tell her.

“This isn’t an interview for me to tell the world how much I care about her because that’s down to me and Annie and what we feel.

“I’ve let Annie and my boys down, I’ve let my mum and dad down, my nan down.”

Lauryn and Kyle began a relationship in 2019 after she split up with football agent Dane RashfordRex

A source said: ‘Lauryn is seen as a bit of a troublemaker and Annie’s worst nightmare was running into her’Rex

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