Marc Sneyd reveals what makes him mad after becoming Salford’s Mr Cool

MARC Sneyd insists there is a time when his emotions do boil over – just not on a rugby field.

Give him seconds to make a coffee before a team meeting and it is a very different story than the Mr Cool he is as the Red Devils’ chase glory.

Marc Sneyd has revealed when he gets wound up – and it is not on a rugby pitchSWPIX.COM

Half back Sneyd tops the standings in the race to be Steve Prescott MBE Man of Steel after a series of superb performances that have seen Paul Rowley’s men defy their limited resources.

Things go right, things go wrong, his reaction is almost always the same, there is hardly any.

But he has revealed the times when his poker face slips, saying: “You can’t not have a brew in a meeting.

“That’s not good. I do my own but sometimes time gets away from me because of doing other things.

“So I end up rushing around and flicking the kettle on just as Paul is telling people to take their seats. It has to be coffee too, tea takes ages.

“But on a rugby field, I haven’t lost my cool. It’s just the way I am. I’ve trained myself to be like that, nothing gets under my skin and I can stay pretty calm.

“It’s nothing I’d advise people about. Genuinely, I’m just that way.”

Salford’s next test comes in the form of St Helens, who were top going into this round of fixtures yet seem to be overlooked by many.

And Sneyd, 33, is baffled by that, adding: “From the outside, they get a bit of stick which I think is unfair.

“They’re still sat where they’re sat. The scrutiny they’re put under doesn’t fully make sense to me.

Sneyd admits he cannot understand the way St Helens are regarded by manySWPIX.COM

“Saints are renowned for grinding wins out, they don’t look to win in the first 10 or 15 minutes, they stick at you and play at the same intensity in the last 10 minutes as the first.

“It might look a bit ugly at times but they’re where they are for a reason.

“But when you sit down and look at the start of the year, we’re probably pretty happy with where we’re at. Our performances week-on-week are much better too.

“However, there are matches that have passed us by. A couple of them were our own doing and they sting more than others.”

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