Mavericks Have ‘Checked in’ on $160 Million Wing: Report

The Dallas Mavericks don’t want to only return to the NBA Finals. They also want to get over that hump. Doing so may require some help along the wing, and it appears the Mavericks are specifically looking at Jerami Grant to aid them in that department.

SNY’s Ian Begley reported that the Mavericks are among the teams who have their eyes on Grant. He also explained why, despite Grant’s expensive contract, he may have a market.

“Several teams, including the Mavs, have checked in on Jerami Grant’s situation in Portland,” Begley wrote. “Grant… is entering the second season of a five-year, $160 million contract with the Trail Blazers. According to ESPN Insider Bobby Marks, the salary cap is expected to rise consistently over the next few seasons due to the NBA’s new broadcast rights deal. This is relevant because Grant’s deal will be viewed much differently in 2-3 years than it is today.”

With the Trail Blazers in the midst of a rebuild, Grant may not be there for much longer. That’s why a potential trade is feasible for Dallas. The Mavericks have expendable players on expensive contracts, like Tim Hardaway Jr. and Maxi Kleber, who they could include in the deal to acquire Grant.

Jerami Grant Called ‘Dream Fit’ for Mavericks

Though Begley reported the Mavericks’ interest in Grant, there have been no reports indicating that the Trail Blazers plan to move him. That could change as the offseason progresses. If they decide to trade him, The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor explained Grant’s appeal as a player.

“Grant is still a versatile defender who can fit into any switching defense, and he’s still a knockdown shooter who can cut and score at the rim. But he’s also capable of doing work off the dribble. Much like Porzingis for Boston, perhaps now he’s at a stage of his career when he’d prefer a little more balance.”

He further explained why he is a dream fit for the Mavericks.

“Just imagine a guy with Grant’s scoring talent receiving kickout passes from Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving instead of Maxi Kleber. Grant would feast on more open looks than he ever has. And because of his handling ability, he could help alleviate some of Luka and Kyrie’s burden.”

Part of the reason the Celtics beat the Mavericks was that they could exploit matchups. Acquiring Grant could potentially even the odds if they have a rematch.

Mavericks Interested in Tobias Harris: Report

Part of Grant’s appeal is that he’s a wing scorer who is also a positive on defense. The Mavericks clearly want that player archetype on their roster. Another player who fits that mold is Tobias Harris.

Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes named the Mavericks among the teams who will look into adding Harris this offseason. He also added that the Mavericks would have to pull a few strings to make that acquisition happen.

“Utah, Detroit, San Antonio, Dallas, and New Orleans. Dallas and New Orleans, those will probably have to be sign-and-trade-type scenarios. Those are teams that I’m hearing that are expected to have some level of interest in Tobias Harris this summer.”

It’s clear that Dallas wants someone who can score and defend well on the other side. They may very well not end up with Grant or Harris, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they end up with someone that has a similar skillset.

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