NBA Journeyman Floated as Celtics Buyout Target

Since the beginning of the 2023-24 season, the Boston Celtics have had one roster spot available. They have options for what to do with it. They could convert Neemias Queta to a standard contract, leave it open, or sign someone who gets bought out. If they choose the last option, one player they could look into is Delon Wright.

NBC Sports Boston’s Darren Hartwell explained why Wright is a good option for the Celtics in a February 9 story.

“The Wizards haven’t indicated they’ll waive Wright, but he’d be a logical buyout candidate, especially if he wants to join a contender. The 31-year-old wing is a willing passer (6.3 assists per 36 minutes) who’s shooting 38.9 percent from 3-point range this season.”

The Wizards have retained Wright since the NBA Trade Deadline, but that could very well change since they are 9-43. Wright has been an NBA journeyman. After spending his first three-and-a-half seasons with the Raptors, Wright has not stayed on one team for more than one season. That was until he signed with the Wizards in 2022, where he has since stayed.

Wright has bounced from the Raptors to the Grizzlies to the Mavericks to the Pistons to the Kings to the Hawks then to the Wizards.

Analyst Doubts Wizards Will Waive Delon Wright

Despite the Wizards being all but out of the playoff picture, waiving Wright may not be in the cards. MassLive’s Brian Robb outlined why Wright may not go anywhere when asked if he was an option.

“Delon Wright is a guy I would be surprised to see bought out. He’s playing a decent amount with the Wizards right now, and giving up his Bird Rights would impact his free agent market potentially next summer,” Robb wrote in a February 10 story. “Even if the Wizards don’t want to keep him, they could sign-and-trade him if they retain him through this season.”

If the Wizards were to buy out Wright, the Celtics may not appeal to him as a free agent. Like any other player who hits the buyout market, Wright would probably prefer to sign somewhere where he would play. The Celtics already have their rotation figured out, then acquired reinforcements with Xavier Tillman and Jaden Springer.

The Celtics Targeted Delon Wright Before Trade Deadline

Boston had interest in Delon Wright before the NBA Trade Deadline passed. HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto revealed that Wright was one of their targets in a February 5 story.

“Boston has expressed interest in a wide range of trade targets, including Kelly Olynyk, Delon Wright, Andre Drummond, and others, league sources told HoopsHype.”

Obviously, the Celtics did not come away with Wright (or any of the other aforementioned targets, for that matter) after the deadline passed. Instead, they ended up with Tillman and Springer. However, their interest at the deadline would signal that if the Wizards waived Wright, the Celtics would inquire about him.

As Robb pointed out, the Wizards waiving Wright would not serve to benefit either party. However, the Celtics could look into doing a sign-and-trade when the offseason comes around.

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