Orioles’ Cedric Mullins Responds After Snapping 8-Game Slump

Without a hit in his last eight games, Cedric Mullins snapped his slump with multiple hits in the Baltimore Orioles‘ win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

The centerfielder hit a single in the fifth inning and a triple in the seventh to break his hitless streak and help Baltimore secure the series.

Mullins talked with reporters postgame on June 9 and offered why he thinks things finally broke for him against the Rays.

“I feel like some of the adjustments I made came in today,” Mullins told reporters. “I’ve had some good swings and it just didn’t fall. It was nice to see hit some grass, hit some dirt.”

On his slow start to 2024, the seven-year veteran says it’s all about mental fortitude.

“It’s been tough, but being that it’s a long season, it’s a matter of getting your mind right,” Mullins said. “Once you feel like your mechanics are in sync for the most part, it is a matter of getting the mental down and trying not to put too much on yourself.”

The eight-game hitless streak wouldn’t be so concerning if Mullins was playing up to his usual standard prior.

Even with the two hits against Tampa Bay, he’s batting just .178/.227/.317 with a .544 OPS this season. Mullins’ performance against the Rays is a welcome sight for fans, but still just a start in his climb back to form.

Hyde on Mullins: ‘Great to See’

Orioles skipper Brandon Hyde was happy to see Mullins snap the streak. He talked about the centerfielder’s two hits postgame.

“That was big,” Hyde told reporters on June 9. “To get that first one on two strikes … I feel like he’s buried 0-2 almost every single count. And then off the lefty, a huge hit at the time getting a triple on that. Great to see him have some good at-bats today.”

Hyde talked with reporters about the different ways he’s tried to help Mullins prior to Baltimore’s previous game against Tampa Bay.

“I’ve done a little bit of both,” Hyde said on June 8. “Where I’ve sat him for a couple days and let him clear his head for a few days and then get back in there. So, I’m just trying to help him, honestly, and we’re all pulling for him.”

It’s paying off. As are Mullins’ adjustments, as the centerfielder told reporters. And it couldn’t be timed any better, with a roster decision looming for the Orioles.

Mateo to Return From Injured List

It will be another few days before Jorge Mateo returns from the Injured List. But when he does, Baltimore will have a decision to make.

Connor Norby, who made his MLB debut as a fill-in for Mateo, is a natural candidate to return to the minors.

The rookie second baseman, batting .214, has two singles and a home run in his four-game MLB stint thus far.

As is Kyle Stowers, who the Orioles called up on May 13, but is dealing with a wrist issue. He’s batting .300 in 31 plate appearances for his third stint in Baltimore.

Any speculation that Mullins could be the roster casualty is likely put to rest on the heels of his multi-hit performance.

He’ll have one more game to put the rumor to rest, with Hyde telling reporters Mateo is unlikely to be activated until after the Rays series.

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