Editor’s note: The following is a transcript of the sixth episode of Cougar Insiders — a podcast from Deseret News writers Dick Harmon, Jeff Call and Doug Robinson. It’s been edited for clarity.

Dick Harmon: Coming up on this edition of Cougar Insiders podcast you’re going to hear a little bit about Tanner Mangum. Did he do enough to keep his job? Should his job be in jeopardy? Is his job on the line? Is Zach Wilson somewhere in the background, is he going to be thrust upon that? We’ll be talking about that. Also breaking down the BYU-Wisconsin game. BYU going into Big Ten territory and taking on a top-10 team. And then we’ve got a special guest that’s going to talk about the Hall of Fame status of Todd Christensen, why he should be in the Hall of Fame and why this is really kind of a big neglect on the part of the NFL. That and much much more on this edition of Cougar Insiders.

Hi, welcome to Cougar Insiders podcast. I’m Dick Harmon, columnist for the Deseret News, along with Jeff Call, who is a longtime beat writer covering the Cougars. And we’re going to dissect the Cal game and look forward to a trip to Wisconsin where BYU will play the No. 6 team in the country. Jeff Call, kind of a disappointing loss to the Cal Bears in a lot of big ways after a win at Arizona, but maybe a lot of surprises also, that we just didn’t expect in that game.

Jeff Call: Yeah, I think one of the things that really stands out to me was the number of dropped passes. I didn’t expect that, I thought that based on what I saw the week before that, you know, they were much improved in that area, and they would secure the ball and things like that. But they released some critical ones. And one that really stood out to me was that deep one to Dylan Collie, if you remember, would have put BYU in great field position and it looked like it kind of bounced off his fingertips a little bit. He had two guys on him. I don’t know if he heard footsteps or whatever. But that was a big one, that’s kind of a momentum-changer, I thought, for BYU.

DH: And I thought too, that BYU’s offensive line had played so well against Arizona and it turns out Arizona maybe is a little bit weak, but they did impose their will down in Tucson against that Pac-12 team, and in this game I think they did OK in the first half and they seemed to be dominating at times, if you look at the stats, they dominated in time of possession, they dominated in the total yards, they had more I think plays, but in the end is you take away from it in the third quarter, all of a sudden they’re stuffing BYU’s offensive line, they’re pushing them back, they …read more

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