Premier League chiefs told to ‘hand over emails, WhatsApp messages and texts that mention Man City’ ahead of hearing

PREMIER LEAGUE bosses have handed over “emails, WhatsApp messages and texts that mention Manchester City” ahead of the hearing into the club’s 115 charges.

The English champions stand accused of concealing payments through third parties by disguising them as sponsorship revenue.

Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour is taking the Premier League on in the courtsPA

Man City deny any wrongdoing, with the club set to appear before an independent commission in November.

Etihad chiefs have also launched their own legal action against the Premier League, citing “discrimination” and a “tyranny of the majority” relating to rules which aim to limit how much companies associated with club owners can pay in sponsorship.

But it is the investigation into the original 115 charges against Man City that has seen Premier League chiefs being forced to relinquish emails and texts.

According to The Times, those told to disclose this information include Premier League chief executive Richard Masters and the man he succeeded, Richard Scudamore.

Communications all the way back to 2009 have been divulged ahead of the hearing.

Meanwhile, the hearing for Man City’s claim against the Premier League will begin on Monday as they bid to have the regulations scrapped.

They will then also pursue a second hearing for damages.

Premier League clubs voted back in February to bring in sanctions against clubs that attempt to secured inflated sponsorship or transfer deals with companies, organisations or other teams connected to their owners.


This move, an attempt to block clubs from circumventing financial restrictions, came seven days before Man City filed their legal claim against the league.

Five clubs voted against the more stringent rules alongside Man City – Newcastle, Chelsea, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest and Everton.

Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Bournemouth, Brentford, Brighton, Burnley, Fulham, Luton, West Ham and Wolves all voted in favour.

Aston Villa and Crystal Palace abstained from the vote.

Clubs could be called as witnesses when the hearing into Man City’s legal action begins next week.

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