Proposed NBA Trade Has Warriors Land Bucks $93 Million Star for Haul

The Golden State Warriors could soon be in the market for a new guard if Klay Thompson decides to walk in free agency. Bleacher Report’s Allen Stiles floated a potential trade idea that has the Warriors landing Milwaukee Bucks star guard Khris Middleton.

The deal centers around Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody and potentially a player like Brandin Podziemski going to Milwaukee in exchange for Middleton. The Bucks would be shuffling the pieces around Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard.

“If you did Wiggins and Moody for Khris Middleton and if they want somebody else, I don’t know if they would want a Podziemski, somebody like that,” Stiles detailed in a June 2024 Bleacher Report live stream. “And I know a lot of people are high on Podziemski.

“…Here’s the other thing about the Warriors, there’s [the decision on] whether you make a big move or a small move. And then there’s also [the question of], ‘Is Klay is going to stay or not?’ Right, because if Klay isn’t going to stay then you have to start looking at guards, in my opinion,” Stiles added.

“If Klay is going to stay then that changes things, so I do think that that matters. You have Khris Middleton for Wiggins, Moody and whoever they want to add. That’s one that I cooked up that I thought would be a good situation.”

Bucks Guard Khris Middleton Is on a 3-Year, $93 Million Contract

Middleton has two seasons remaining on a three-year, $93 million contract, which on the surface is a reasonable deal for a three-time All-Star. The guard has a player option that would allow him to hit free agency in 2025. Yet, the Warriors could be reluctant to take on Middleton’s deal given his struggles to stay on the floor.

Wiggins has three seasons remaining on a four-year, $109 million contract. The former No. 1 pick has a player option that would allow him to forego his final season and hit free agency in 2026.

Bucks Star Khris Middleton Could be a Potential Warriors’ Replacement Option for Klay Thompson

This trade pitch with the Bucks mostly makes sense as a potential replacement option for Thompson. If Thompson re-signs, adding another wing to the mix in an already crowded depth chart may not be the wisest move for Golden State.

Middleton has had trouble staying on the court in recent years. The three-time All-Star missed 27 games last season and 49 contests in 2022-23. Middleton averaged 15.1 points, 5.3 assists and 4.7 rebounds per game while shooting 38.1% from long range last season.

Warriors Star Klay Thompson Is Seeking a 3-Year Deal in NBA Free Agency

It remains to be seen what Thompson’s market will be like in NBA free agency. There have been conflicting reports about the Orlando Magic’s potential interest level in Thompson this offseason. According to NBC Sports’ Bay Area’s Monte Poole, Thompson is pushing for a three-year deal.

“Gone are the days when Thompson was among the NBA’s best two-way wings, an All-Defensive team selection whose exceptional shooting was the basis for five consecutive trips to the All-Star game,” Poole noted in a June 17 article titled, “Barbosa hopes Klay prioritizes happiness in free-agent decision.” “He still can go for 30 or 40 on a given night, but frequency and efficiency have dipped, as has his defensive versatility.

“For those reasons, Thompson realizes he won’t see anything like his expiring contract, a five-year max worth $190 million. League sources indicate he’s seeking an offer of at least three years.”

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