Robert Saleh Had a Perfect 2-Word Reaction to Landing Olu Fashanu

The New York Jets are fired up about taking Olu Fashanu in the 2024 NFL Draft, and head coach Robert Saleh had the perfect reaction to the pick.

The Minnesota Vikings traded up one spot with the Jets to take quarterback JJ McCarthy. When general manager Joe Douglas told Saleh the news, he had an instant two-word reaction.

“Free money.”

Ari Meirov with The 33rd Team posted a video to X showing the reaction of Saleh and Douglas to the trade and pick for Fashanu.

Inside the #Jets draft room: GM Joe Douglas trading back one spot with the #Vikings so they can take JJ McCarthy, while the #Jets still get their guy (Olu Fashanu) and extra draft capital.

Robert Saleh: “Free money!”

(via @nyjets YT ‘Flight 24’)

— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) May 1, 2024

The Jets knew that the Vikings were going to take a quarterback, and got away with moving back a single spot to acquire their guy along with some additional draft capital.

It’s easy to see why Douglas and Saleh were so happy with the move.

Jets Share Thoughts On Olu Fashanu’s Position

Shortly after drafting Fashanu with the 11th overall pick, the Jets laid out their plan for the former Penn State star.

There’s a chance that Fashanu may not play as a rookie. The Jets took swings on two established veterans this offseason, signing Tyron Smith and trading for Morgan Moses.

Still, Douglas made it clear that he plans on Fashanu starting his NFL career by playing tackle.

“I feel like tackle is what he’s played his entire career in high school and college,” Douglas told reporters after the draft. “He’ll get out here at practice, and we’ll have him get into a left tackle stance, get into a right tackle stance. He’s going to practice a lot of different positions here.”

The Jets may want to get their best five linemen out there and move Fashanu to guard. However, it seems like Fashanu will at least start out as a tackle.

Aaron Rodgers shared his thoughts on the move after the team took Fashanu. In fact, Rodgers implied that the Jets could potentially kick him inside at guard.

“Olu Fashanu didn’t give up a sack his entire college career, which is saying a lot cause you’re going against great schools in Big 10,” Rodgers said. “Olu is a mauler. He’s not going to need to jump in right away. We’ll see if we work him in at guard.”

Regardless of where he plays, everyone in the Jets organization seems excited about their first-round pick.

Other Noteworthy Jets Draft Picks

Fashanu may have been New York’s top pick, but he isn’t the only noteworthy one.

Malachi Corley will be an exciting new weapon for Rodgers and company. A well-built receiver out of Western Kentucky, Corley was the team’s third-round pick. Saleh and Douglas were so excited going into Day 2 about trading up to get him that they called their shot in a text message earlier that day.

from Coach Saleh and Joe Douglas’ texts this morning

— New York Jets (@nyjets) April 27, 2024

The Jets also found their potential successor to Rodgers in Jordan Travis out of Florida State. Travis was a potential Heisman Trophy finalist for an undefeated Seminoles team until he suffered a season-ending leg injury. He’ll be in the perfect spot to sit back and learn from two established veterans in Rodgers and Tyrod Taylor in 2024.


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